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Blog: Inner Freedom

Do you know that feeling when you cannot release your energy? That you feel imprisoned within, in your body that does not want to move? It is a well-known ‘waiting room’ feeling. You want to move forwards and take important steps, but it just doesn’t happen, because you feel that you are stuck somewhere. Your hands are tied – you cannot do anything – and that frustrates you immensely. You miss the freedom to jump, to broaden your boundaries and do high profile things, which you are unable to do at this moment because there are all sorts of obstacles in your way: tasks, deadlines, obligations, responsibilities, imperfections. You feel that you are in a position and you don’t know how to get out of it and the longer it continues before you are able to step out, the more your dissatisfaction grows. You don’t like the view anymore, but how can you change this? How do you bring excitement back into your life?

Believe me: the solution is much simpler than you think. I have often been in this situation in my life, in which I came into a slow mind-numbing routine. The trick is then to accept your frustrations without allowing them to influence your choices. Having a moan every now and again is not that bad, just as long as you don’t take the following step from that emotion. The step actually has to have power! It needs to awaken a certain excitement in you. There is no power in frustration. Frustration is destructive!

I feel this energy a lot at the moment with many people. It is hanging in the air and it influences us in many ways. During the past few weeks I have attuned to this and lived the process myself: from sitting in the waiting room to finding and opening a new door. It has resulted in a powerful, new frequency: Inner Freedom.

Asking yourself the right question.

Where the frequency Inner Freedom inspires me, is that I have to take the space to express my feeling. I have to express my frustration, almost inflate it until everything has gone. In my case I found out that 99% of what I thought was the truth, was totally unimportant. It was a build-up of frustration, nothing more than that. Under the thick layer of worries and excuses there is an intense desire to be free. You immediately find the way out there, which you can translate into a brilliant inspiration where everything suddenly begins to flow once more. In the inner freedom that you now miss.

Let me ask you a few questions to show how this process occurs:

Are you dissatisfied at this moment?

Are you in your own way?

Are you impatient, and you don’t know why?

Do you feel caught in a web of obligations?

Are you having difficulties with the people around you?

Are you irritated with small things that did not seem important before?

Do you have the desire to throw out all the things that you are struggling with?

I have asked myself all these questions in the past and they were all recognizable. But it was when I dared to ask the right question that something changed in me: ‘What it I did not have to pay any attention to anyone or anything?’ This question put everything into another perspective. We take far too much consideration of another person’s feelings. We sacrifice ourselves. We don’t speak out about our true feelings. We make ourselves dependent on the surroundings and the systems in which we get stuck. And so we take away the freedom to make choices that feel good, purely because we are afraid of the reactions from the surroundings. This is not a nice conclusion to make, I know. Actually I am saying that you are too weak to set yourself first. But I don’t want to be that hard. The question that I asked myself is, not with the intention to destroy myself; I just want to loosen something. I want my inner freedom back.

Why? Just Because!

What if you look at your life and ask yourself the question: ‘What if I did not pay any attention to anyone or anything?’ What would you do then? What would you change? Which chances would you take? Which decisions would you make? And if you say this, write it down, think about it … what happens to you then? Do you feel tension? Does something become loose in you? Do you think you have gone mad?

Inner freedom to me is daring to infringe the rules. With that I mean the rules that I lay down for myself and where I remain hanging in indecision. By just allowing this naughty feeling, makes something loose in me. I get impulses. I start to grin. A playful child is released in me, that doesn’t want to analyze everything but do things intuitively and begin things with an unknown enthusiasm. I need this energy to free myself. It is my ticket to the next destination in my life.

In The Keys to your Calling (one of the new online workshops) this is discussed in one of the keys. We get going with an intention that is strong enough to withstand times of resistance. How can you know this is right: by looking critically about how you speak about what you want? If you have the tendency to use many arguments to support why it is so good what you are thinking, then stop right there. Arguments are there to defend something and why would you do that? If it feels right and someone wants to know why, then just say: ‘Because!’ You just feel it and you are not going to be difficult about it. That is inner freedom. Nobody can change it and if someone warns you about the risks, then you say: Now and?’

Can you feel me now? Can you feel the words? These are the answers that I child would give in freedom with a cheeky face and then stick our their tongue!’

Change your mind-set

The new frequency Inner Freedom goes really deep. It starts a process in you and you have to be ready. It confronts you actually with the restrictions you give yourself, which lead to the insight that you can no longer give anything or anyone the blame for what happens in your life. You are the reason yourself that you are standing here, sitting in the waiting room and that you feel dissatisfied. Only when you dare to be completely honest, then you come in your heart and to that playful child who is stamping their feet to get its own way!

I have seen amazing things happen to people who knew how to free themselves in this way. I feel the power of this process too and even though we have the tendency to think that we need to take large, difficult steps to get to inner freedom, in reality it is much simpler. Just like I said at the beginning: the solution is much easier than you think. Change your mind-set. Let go of the rules. You are not sitting there obediently in the classroom finishing off your work neatly. Your time on earth is too short for that! Stop just following. Every time that you have the tendency to declare why something has to be or as people think it should be, then think: I am going to do it differently. I am going to do it my way!

Dare to allow this energy in. Dare to free yourself. You are not so restricted as you actually believe, so use the new frequency of Inner Freedom to get the process going. Do this often enough and I assure you: in a short time everything in your life will flow rapidly once more.

From heart to heart,


Константин Кот

Благодарю, то надо сейчас. Дай Бог получится.



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