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Disease versus Consciousness

If this is the first time you read one of my blogs, I would like to give you some more background information. I create holograms. These holograms are based on geometry. I see them in my mind’s eye as colourful images and when I feel the time is right, I create them on my computer. It feels like they are being channeled. It is almost as if I can take a peek behind reality. Often I receive information about the meaning of the holograms, during or after making them. Each hologram has a unique frequency. This is how I actually call them: “frequencies” (as if you tune into a radio station). Online, in workshops and during presentations I share more about what can be achieved when you learn to work with these frequencies. They are unique keys to passion, creation and consciousness.

Where do I stand?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about where I stand. I give workshops, giving people the opportunity to experience what geometry is and what it does. It is wonderful, it is my passion, but it doesn’t feel complete. I am missing something, but what? As if I do not yet have all the ingredients to take this project, that I have been working on for more than 12 years, to a higher level. There is something in me that is saying: one more key and that’s it. Then everything will be just right and you can totally go for it.

I regularly receive information on how mankind is evolving and I feel that we now have come to a crucial point. More and more I get confirmation that the next step in our evolution has to do with self-healing – why I do not know, but this is what I constantly hear. I am not surprised, because my mind has been on this for a while. The question is: what do I have to do with this?

Consciousness determines whether or not you are healthy.

I got some important insights in 2015 about family karma and how this affects us in how we feel, develop and behave. Karma is deeply rooted in our DNA and determines the quality of your life. However, you do always have a choice, because nothing is written in stone. Nobody was born unlucky because of baggage from previous generations. You will start hearing about this in the news more and more in the years to come, because science also slowly dares to conclude that our DNA is not fixed. It is not constant, as one believed for a long time.

It is also common knowledge – as more and more scientific research is showing, that we can consciously influence our body via our DNA and with it we can also influence disease and our spiritual well-being. Diseases and other inconveniences are not a result of faulty genes; they are the outcome of or own process. Let me put it another way: we are programming our DNA by how we feel, act and behave. The conclusion one can draw is hard and fair; it is your consciousness that determines whether or not you are healthy.

If you are a spiritual person by nature, you probably won’t be surprised reading this. The spiritual community has been aware of the connection between disease and consciousness for a longer time. However, the key that is still missing is how to solve it. After all, there is no manual that describes how to rewrite DNA.

Until we can find that key, we have to rely on the medical world, because what else can you do if you get seriously ill? For years I have felt I was close, especially when I see what an activation does with people. I feel the power of geometry, which has an effect on the deepest level. But as I wrote at the beginning of my blog; there still is something missing. It is not yet complete.

The fear of becoming ill

As I have said and have written before during workshops and in blogs, I do not want to be someone’s aspirin. What I mean by that, is that I am not doing this work to help someone temporarily forget his pain and sorrow. What I want to create, is consciousness. I don’t want to tell how it is, but I want to help people to get to the core of their process. This takes some responsibility of each person and that is exactly where the problem lies. I often see people attend a workshop and they become inspired and start their process of change full of optimism. Unfortunately I see many people falling back a bit into their old habits, to the point where they need to do another workshop to ‘reset’ themselves.

Such a relapse is quite normal. A psychologist normally prescribes medication. I do prepare people for a little relapse. However, instead of making them dependant, I want them to repeatedly reactivate their own power. That is why I give tips on how to keep the energy going and I always tell people: repetition is power. DNA programming does not happen in one day, so you can’t expect to break it down in one day. Fear of failure or fear of rejection are often strong emotions, coming from repeating circumstances, starting during education and the developmental life stages. You have to peel the proverbial onion layer by layer, which requires commitment, perseverance and discipline.

In addition, we have a blueprint in our DNA that comes from our family line. This is what we call family karma. The more often this is passed on, the more powerful the beliefs and habits become. If you are not aware of this and you don’t deal with it, there is a chance that at at any time and for no apparent reason you just start having problems, like getting ill. Our DNA activates reactions in our body to signal that something needs to be changed or healed in order for us to stay in touch with our soul mission. In other words: it stimulates us to discover why we are here on Earth. When we are connected with our soul mission, everything goes smoothly, we can work miracles and we won’t get ill. We then don’t need disease to show us the way. This may be even the thing we fear most of all: the fear of becoming ill.

A quick fix

Getting sick is not the end of the world. Often it is a purely physical sign that you need to change something in your life. Yet many people are afraid to become seriously ill and it is the fear that creates the want for a quick fix. This often leads to the subject of food. When it comes to our health, food is the first port of call. I see many people obsessively following a new diet, with a long list of what they should eat and an even longer list of what they shouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong though: I’m all for the idea to be aware of what you eat, but do so because you feel like you need it. Don’t do it because it is a new hype or because something you have read in a magazine. When I hear people promote their fantastic diet as if all else is no good, I only have one thought: ‘ Sweetheart, you look so pale and miserable. Surely that can’t be the result of your dietary pattern”?

Another solution is vitamin supplements. We take all kinds of things, because we think it keeps us healthy, but do we actually feel what our body needs … and what it doesn’t need? Are we consciously getting in touch with our body and with who we really are? Maybe we do not need any vitamin supplements. Maybe you just have been influenced by a TV add or someone in your environment. There is so much to do about these supplements we thoughtlessly put into our bodies, whilst in my experience that’s not how it’s supposed to be. When you are feeling down or ill, it’s because you’re not in your element. You don’t live your life as intended.

We are programmed

Despite the food and vitamin craze we still become ill, we feel tired and at times we don’t feel comfortable in our skin. All the things we get from outside ourselves may help to make us feel better for a little while, but is it really the solution? Through the many sessions I have given over the years, I have come to recognise many patterns. Behavioural patterns as a result of emotional blocks, which then result in disease. Some fears and patterns run so deep, that we are no longer able to get in touch with them and we no longer wonder why we get sick or why we become stuck in certain situations. We don’t get the message. Moreover, we are so not being encouraged to discover the message in everyday life. When we are down or ill, most of us go straight to a doctor or specialist. We completely rely on their advice and we do not ask questions when we are offered a treatment with side effects. Anything to get better, right?

Whenever I looked at this from a distance, I was thinking; something is not right. What are we learning from this? But when I asked myself what would work, I couldn’t think of anything easier than taking a tablet now and then. It just fits how we are programmed to find a quick fix. No effort, just take a pill. Simple, right?

The willingness to vulnerably get to the core is missing from our system. That is why many of my clients need to be inspired time and time again in order to stay focused. Often I detect some kind of laziness, which originates in the tendency to give one’s personal power away. They rather make someone else responsible (including myself) instead of making an effort to dedicate themselves to their own process. This is how many people are depriving themselves from a chance to heal at a deeper level or worse still; from a chance to really get to know themselves.

Frequency is the cure

Why such a focus on diseases and pills? Because it represents something, a certain disbelief. When it comes to health, we have limited beliefs about our possibilities. I feel it is my mission to do something about this, but as I started this blog: I am missing a key. On the one hand I know how geometry affects us. I feel the power of my sessions and the impact they have on our DNA (how the encoding enters unfiltered and helps us to pass new information into the subconscious mind).

At first, this results in an energy boost, but you have to repeat it. You can’t just do it once and expect everything to be fixed. As soon as you fall back into behavioural patterns of adjustment, old fears and anxieties are coming back and the energy will decrease. The effect of the session will be gone. So, the challenge is to do it regularly, but even so … you can’t watch activations all day long. Still, I have been feeling for quite a while that the missing key to unlock all of this, is to be found in ‘holding the energy’. That is when the system will react and the programming in your DNA – let’s call it the timer inside of you that determines how and when you fall ill – will be overwritten.

I had a breakthrough during a special meeting in October 2015. On my way to Barcelona, I met a scientist on the plane. That meeting was by no means a coincidence, because I had missed my flight in the morning, something that never happened to me before. It soon became clear why I had to sit next to this guy. He is an anatomist-pathologist and really knows everything about diseases, the causes and effects. He also made a direct link with consciousness and DNA, which in his line of work is, to say the least, ‘courageous’. I actually spoke with a real pioneer, stubborn enough to challenge general assumptions – a man after my own heart. His story intrigued me greatly and we had an interesting conversation. We couldn’t talk enough about prevailing dogmas of medicine and with one of his statements he confirmed that I was looking in the right direction. He told me: “combine various senses at different moments to maintain frequencies, because frequency is the cure.”

The moment the scientist used the word “frequency”, I felt a stirring inside. This man did not know my work, but with that single word he pinpointed exactly what I want to share with the world. He called our behaviour, our emotions and where we are in life right now, a frequency. A frequency that influences our body. His vision is that when we change our frequency, we change the programming of our DNA. After I told him about my work, he surprised me with this question: “Are you aware what you are doing and what you bring into the world?” His rather confrontational remark was puzzling, but in the weeks following our encounter I slowly began to understand.

When I spoke with the scientist I indicated that I was looking for something to help keep people in the same frequency for longer periods, but in a way that fits into their way of life. I wanted to develop something that is not too complex and supportive. I am extremely grateful for his answer because with his advice the scientist provided me with the exact thing I was missing. He said, ‘ make a homeopathic remedy with the frequencies you create and then it is complete!’

The Energy Kit

With one sentence, the question I had been asking myself for years got answered, which is: how do you keep the energy going? I have tried so many things and often I put myself out to help keep people on track, but it went too slow for my feeling. I kept running into the same problem, which is that people find it difficult to release old patterns when they are in their own environment. When they get stuck, they become ill, depressed, or sometimes they even become tired of life. No matter how high the impact of an activation, in the long run it is useless when you go home and remain stuck in the same old energy. Although I like to offer people a positive experience, I want to be more than just “an aspirin”, because I am not in it to get a compliment or an applause. That is not why I do this work. What I want is to empower people in the long run. I want to prevent a relapse and transform something permanently.

A remedy, however simple it may seem, is the key that makes it all possible. When I started working on this project, everything fell into place. You know when something is right, when it all goes effortlessly. At the right time, the right people crossed my path and within a few weeks I received the first sample; a remedy based on frequencies. Pure frequencies in small pilules. Healing and 100% natural. The key to stay awake and to awaken yourself from the inside out.

It has been a long and hard search, but I am glad to have found the key with the help of a professional expert. We can heal ourselves, whether it is about disease, fear, insecurity or something else. We all have the power to heal. It is within ourselves; we just need to activate it. What I can offer is to help you achieve this with the new Energy Kit. It is an all-in-one package, with a combination of energetic tools to activate the new frequencies in your DNA. I have only recently received the first sets and I can’t wait to present them! The Launch will be next week, so if you want to try the Energy Kit, you can already order it via our Webshop.

In my Energetic Therapy training program I am dedicating a special section to the new remedy and how you can help support your clients’ process. Please check the agenda on my website.

From heart to heart,

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