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Janosh is sharing the energy of the Arcturians in different ways. Please see below a list with explanations:


A hologram is a direct translation of the prevailing energy. It is also called a code, to decipher a particular consciousness in yourself. Each hologram consists of geometric patterns, associated with a meaning. By tuning in and focusing on the centre of the hologram, you make contact with that part in yourself that is connected to this.


An activation is an intensive experience of a certain hologram (code). It is an active meditation with image and sound. On the one hand, a hologram is being built up in several layers in order to connect to a certain frequency. Consider it like as a radio dial that one uses to find the right radio station. When you are asked to close your eyes, you start listening to musical tones which take you on a journey. That is when the code is doing its work and a certain consciousness is being activated in yourself.

Multimedia experiences

In addition to the activations, Janosh shares his obtained information during a Multimedia Experience. This is a combination of image, music and text. Several different themes are being covered about the nature of our lives, whereby our way of thinking, feeling and experiencing, take a central place.


Janosh is offering several different workshops to enable you to empower your choices in your life. In first instance the focus in on who you are and what you want to achieve. The goal is to offer you some keys which enable you to open new doors. Partly Janosh helps you do this personally, but it is more important for you to find the answers yourself. That is where the activations come in; to help you to get in touch with the higher frequencies, which will help you to increase your strength and consciousness.


A webinar or webcast is an audio and video event broadcast and delivered right to your computer at your own home. This will take approximately one hour. Janosh will address you via his webcam and will take you towards the starting moment of the activation. At the bottom of your screen you will find a text field, which you can use for questions and/or remarks. Depending on the time left after a session, Janosh will answer as many questions as possible via chat.

Private sessions

It is possible to book a private session with Janosh for more personal issues, which cannot be addressed in a group session. Janosh will ask his guides for information, so that he can help you address core issues.


Зинаида Серегина


Фатима Салбиева


Елена Миронова

Очень интересный инструмент для повышения вибраций! А как можно заказать книгу Пробуди свою ДНК?


Можно поискать в интернете…
Например, есть здесь


Супер мне очень понравилось я стала меняться здорово Вот только если бы был перевод на русский А так всё замечательно1 Спасибо


Что именно нужно перевести?


Благодарю. Новая информация для меня. Хотелось бы более глубокого изучения. С чего начать?

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