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Opening of the Arcturian Corridor

Dear Members of the Planetary Ascension team,

Congratulations! You have downloaded and integrated the higher frequency light into your earth vessel and merged your personal chakras with the planetary chakras of Gaia. Because of this, we the Arcturians have come to you to remind you of the pact that you made with us before you took your present earth vessel. You were in your higher dimensional SELF and preparing for the third dimensional reality of your present earth life when you called to us, the Arcturian Collective Consciousness. You knew that this reality would be very important, as you were volunteering to be a member of the “ground crew” of the Planetary Ascension Team.

You were aware that your present reality would offer a great opportunity for expansion of your consciousness, but you also knew that it would be very easy to get lost in the illusions of the third dimension and forget your Soul’s commitment. Consequently, you asked us to contact you as soon as you could possibly receive our call and remind you of your pact. Because you have so greatly expanded your consciousness, we are able to contact you now. When we met before your present life, you promised that you would share our communications with as many people as you could. We want you to know that we are grateful that we can communicate with others through you, and we are completely behind you, as well as within you.

Please remember to keep us in your awakening consciousness within every moment of your life. Feel our communications as they flow in through your crown, to be displayed on the mind-screen of your third eye. Exude our energy down through your toes and out through your hands and heart. Feel us emanating up from the core Gaia’s Earth and down from the edge of her atmosphere. BE ONE with our Arcturian Collective Consciousness, in your every emotion, thought, action and emanation. See our face when you look into the mirror. Feel our step as you walk through your life and our touch as you experience your world. We are always with you.

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that we have been chosen by the Galactic Federation to be Gaia’s Guardian during Her, and Her inhabitants’, transition through the fourth and into the fifth dimension and beyond. The citizens of Arcturus ascended beyond the third dimension eons ago, and our star is soon to follow. Since then we have served as guardians to those who wish to follow the highest Path of Pure Consciousness. In fact, in your present time, many of our kind have taken physical earth bodies to assist in Gaia’s planetary ascension. Since we resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, entering a corporeal earth body is a great sacrifice, but one that we joyously accept.


The Arcturian Corridor is a tunnel of light, which serves as an inter-dimensional portal into the fifth dimension and beyond. It is because of the Corridor’s close proximity to Arcturus and our ancient commitment to assist those on the Path of Ascension that we have been chosen as its Guardians. Beings who wish to participate in the experience of third dimensional Earth travel through the Arcturian Corridor. Then, when they have completed their sojourn in the lower worlds, they will return to the higher dimensions through that same Corridor.

Our Corridor is that through which individuals pass when it becomes their choice as to whether they wish to return again to Earth for further incarnations or move out to other solar systems and dimensions. Hence, we are the sentinels for the Corridor that serves not only as a gateway through which humans pass during death and re-birth but also as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. When you wish to sojourn beyond your solar system and experience other systems, you will do so through our Corridor.


We the Arcturians, as well as you, the members of the Planetary Ascension Team, have committed to utilizing the force of Unconditional Love to assist Gaia’s in fulfilling her Divine Plan to become a planet of peace and love so that She may transform into a fifth dimensional Star. The beloved members of the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and Antares, as well as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the awakened members of Earth have all joined together to assist Gaia in the fulfillment of Her transformation.

Remember that the key to your personal ascension is inner peace and unconditional love, specifically love of your physical body. Your earth vessel allows you to create your reality with your thoughts and to feel the wondrous emotions of joy and love. We are happy to remind you at this time that the emotions of love and joy have the ability to calibrate your consciousness to your highest possible frequency. The experience of unhappiness is not a response to the outside and/or inside influences, but instead, is an indication that your consciousness has fallen into a lower resonance.

When you face the same “unhappy” experience while keeping your consciousness “calibrated” to the frequency of your Soul/SELF, you can perceive it as an opportunity for growth and consciousness expansion. This is because an experience that devastates your ego is a mere challenge to your Soul. From the perception of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF, each experience is a new opportunity to clear and love your self and your planet. It is the daily connection to the higher dimensions and to us, the Arcturians, which will allow you to fully awaken to the Mission that YOU chose when you volunteered to be a member of the ground crew of the Planetary Ascension Team.


Before we travel through the Corridor, allow us to share some information about our world. Arcturus is a red supergiant star 36.7 light years from Earth in the constellation of Bootes. It is believed to be one of the first stars to be named by your ancient observers, likely because it is the fourth brightest star in the sky, outshined only by Sirius, Canopus and Alpha Centauri. In your language, the name Arcturus is translated as “Guardian of the Bear” due to our nearness to the sky Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Arcturus was once the name used for our entire constellation of Bootes.

We on Arcturus have been identified as a beacon of light for many of your millennia. Your ancient Egyptians called Bootes “Smat,” which means, “one who rules, subdues, and governs,” as well as ”Bau,” which means “the coming one.” Arcturus was worshiped in Nile temples, as it was in the temple of Venus at Ancona in Italy. In 13th century India, Arcturus was named “Svati,” “the Good Goer.” An early Arabic name for Arcturus was, “Al Haris al Sama,” the “Keeper of Heaven.” Arcturus has been identified with the Chaldaeans’ Papsukal, “the Guardian Messenger.” In the Euphrates, Arcturus was the “Shepherd of the Heavenly Flock,” or the “Shepherd of the Life of Heaven.”

In your mythology, Bootes is the Ploughman who drives the Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, around the Pole Star, Polaris. The Bears, tied to the Polar Axis are pulling a plough behind them, tilling the heavenly fields “in order that the rotation of the heavens never ceases.” Arcturus is easily found by noting that the curve of the handle of the Big Dipper is part of a circle, or arc, then follow the arc to Arcturus. From the northern hemisphere Arcturus is visible in the evening from about March to early summer.

Red-supergiant stars, such as Arcturus, are precursors to super-novae, neutron stars, and black holes. Therefore, Arcturus is in the last stages of its life in which it can be perceived from a third dimensional reality. Since Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation of Bootes it is also called Alpha Bootes. The pattern of stars in our constellation forms the shape of a kite with Arcturus being the star at the base of the kite. Arcturus is a giant with a diameter about 18 times greater than Earth’s Sun, with four times the Sun’s mass and a surface temperature that is about 1500 degrees lower, but its much greater surface area results in an outpouring of energy at a rate that makes it 105 times as luminous as Earth’s Sun. Arcturus was formed about 10 billion years ago, in the halo of the Milky Way in a generation of star formation prior to that in which your Sun was formed. This makes us about twice as old as Earth’s solar system and the oldest object easily visible to the naked eye.


There have been many humans who have shared their communications with us. Edger Cayce, Earth’s famous Channel, shared that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. We humbly admit that this is true, as we are a fifth dimensional, and beyond, civilization. We are also the prototype for Earth’s future and happily use our Arcturian energy to emotionally, mentally and spiritually assist anyone who calls us. We are always available to assist anyone who desires to be a planner and designer of your impending new reality.

The Keys of Enoch describes us as “the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of “experiments with the physical”. Keys of Enoch calls us the “Shepherding Frequency of Light,” which governs the preparation of humanity for the coming of the “Brotherhoods of Light.” Arcturus is, in fact, a focus of knowledge, a library that teaches Earthlings, and other ascending beings, how to move from one reality to another.

Our system of Bootes symbolizes the elder, the sage, the wise old man who is interested in principles and underlying causes, theories, ideologies, and how the past affects the future. Hence, Bootes constellation is associated with the Hermit in the Tarot Deck. The Hermit is depicted as wearing a cloak with a hood that covers him from head to feet, except for his face and hands. Held up in his right hand is a lighted lantern, a walking stick is in his left, and a serpent is on the ground nearby.

Oswald Wirth in The Tarot of the Magicians explains that the Hermit uses his cane to tap the ground to communicate with the earth as he slowly walks his Path. Rather than kill the serpent, he casts a spell on it so that it twirls around his stick, suggesting that the Hermit does not fear the lower energies but instead, works with them. The lantern searches out, penetrates, and reveals the inner quality of things. The Hermit is the master who works on the drawing board, where he casts the exact plan of the intended construction.

Before taking form, everything pre-exists as an abstract concept, as an intention. The Hermit represents the mysterious artisan, the “drawn up plan,” and the scaffolding, which is vital before any physical construction can begin. The Hermit is capable of directing the work of others and discerning what is in embryo form in the sphere of human development. In this manner, we, the Arcturians, assist you in creating the embryo of your New Earth.

Norma Milanovich wrote of her communications with us in her book, We, The Arcturians. Ms. Milanovich shares our important message that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is unconditional love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light. We Arcturians work in close connection with the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation. We travel the universe in our starships, which are some of the most advanced in the universe, to protect and guide humanity via our telepathic transmissions to those who are able to perceive us.


On September 9th, 2002, the energy of our Arcturian Corridor intensified and dramatically shifted in a manner which could only be described as a “cosmic flip flop.” Your area of the universe is shifting consciousness, rebalancing, clarifying, and intensifying. It is this transition that allowed our Arcturian Corridor to prepare for its higher service. Over the twenty-seven days following the shift, the Corridor was re-calibrating to become more accessible to your third dimensional awareness. During those twenty-seven days, there was said to be a powerful alignment of all the dimensional realms and a perfect alignment of all the dimensional doorways. That perfect alignment allowed the opening of an inner stargate within the Corridor that had been in place for eons, but only opened during dimensional alignments.

This inner stargate is still open, and will remain open as long as there are any third dimensional persons, planets and realities are preparing to return to the higher worlds. Our Corridor contains within it the harmonic resonance to activate the genetic restructuring that activates the memory of your ability to travel and communicate inter-dimensionally. Since September 2002, there has been an ongoing refinement within each of you that facilitates your ability to realize and accept that NOW is the time to commence your journey HOME to the fifth dimension and beyond. Best yet, you do not have to “leave” any beloved portions of your reality, for Gaia is preparing for Her journey HOME, as well.

This channel has been in telepathic communication with us, the Arcturians, for many years, and she volunteered to share much of her communications with the world via the fifth dimensional tool of the Internet. In 2002, when she became aware that the Arcturian Corridor was activated, she dedicated herself to the experience of entering the Corridor everyday, writing down her experiences and sharing them with others via her newsletter. When she first began her process, she had just completed a very difficult time in her life and was mentally, emotionally, and physically wounded.

Through her experiences in the Corridor she underwent a transformation. However, it took months before she was aware of that fact. Spiritual healing is like cooking with a microwave oven. It is done with a certain frequency, and the “cooking” is from the inside out. It often takes “time” in the physical world before you are aware of the transformation that has already happened within your consciousness. Perhaps some of you joined her, or others, in 2002 and had much the same experience. Whether or not you are conscious of it, if you have been drawn to join in this journey through the Corridor, you were likely involved in some way in the 2002 journey.

Even if this is your first journey through our Corridor, take a moment to compare your life now with your life in 2002. The high frequency energies to your planet have greatly increased since then. Hence, most of you have experienced some form of transformation. When the higher frequency light enters your form, your personal vibration increases. This increased vibration creates a faster spin to your chakras and your cell bodies, all the way down to your DNA. This increased spin throws off the lower frequencies of darkness, fear, discomfort and disease to enable you to accept more light into your consciousness, body and reality.

The process of releasing the darkness allows you to accept more higher frequency light into your system. This higher frequency light can create many symptoms of transformation in your emotions, thoughts, body, actions and reality. However, the reward is that the resonant frequency of your earth vessel rises and your consciousness greatly expands. Because of these changes, no matter how uncomfortable they may have been, you are ready to commence your journey through the Arcturian Corridor. Throughout your journey, you may wish to reflect on how much your life has, or has not, changed since we opened our Corridor in 2002. We recommend this reflection because we realize that often our grounded ones can get lost in the mundane responsibilities of daily life and forget to recognize how much they have grown.

Allow your imagination to take the reigns so that you can quiet the voices of reason and doubt, as you journey in consciousness back to the fifth dimension and beyond. This is, however, a journey beyond time and space. Hence, there will no leaving or coming. There will only be the here and now of your expanding consciousness of sense of SELF. So fasten your seat belts and settle in for your JOURNEY THROUGH THE ARCTURIAN CORRIDOR!

We are with you ALWAYS

The Arcturians


Dear Earthlings,

I wish to remind you that I, Gaia the consciousness of Earth, join you on this multidimensional journey. I thank you for your service of raising your personal resonance so that you can share your higher frequencies of multidimensional light with our planet. In return, I will assist you in grounding your multidimensional experiences in your physical and planetary body. I, too, have undergone a great transformation and am ready to move beyond the confines of the third/fourth dimension.

In preparation for your journey, imagine that you are moving into a new home. However, this is not a home for your body, but a home for your consciousness. Your consciousness is moving into your Lightbody. Actually, you are expanding your consciousness into your Lightbody, for you shall keep your earth body in the same frequency as my planet. In this manner, we shall move into the fifth dimension and beyond as the ONE Being that we have always been.

Think of your Lightbody as a beautiful attic room that you have never used, but it has always been there. Your Lightbody has always been in the “attic” of your multidimensional mind, as well as in the Atma (Three Fold Flame) of your High Heart. Your journey through the Corridor will so expand your consciousness that you will be able to consciously “move into” your Lightbody while still operating your earth vessel in your everyday, physical reality. In this manner, you will be living your everyday life, yet free of all its illusions, polarities and limitations.

You have been slowly assimilating your Lightbody by downloading your higher light into your earth vessel and merging this light into my planet. Hence, you have plugged-into and fully grounded the infinite power source of your true, multidimensional body of light/electricity. All you need do now is turn it on. Therefore, I ask you, are you ready to activate your Lightbody?

The love and light within you says YES, while your inner fear and darkness says, NO. Your journey through the Corridor will assist you in clearing any remaining residues of fear that separate you from totally embracing your greater SELF.

Take a long moment now to remember the love and joy of your many earthly adventures…

You needn’t restrict your memory to this lifetime, for most of you have had many incarnations on my planet. You needn’t remember the details of all your other realities, simply call in all the love of every reality you have ever experienced on my Earth…

Feel all the love of your long relationship with me, Gaia, as it flows into your heart and fills your mind with beautiful memories…

Allow the love to so fill your consciousness that there is no space for fear. Release the need to feel fear and replace it with the need to remember love…

In this manner, your Lightbody will so expand that you can become constantly aware of it, as it infinitely guides and protects you. What was once only a dream is now awakening into your daily reality. By simultaneously keeping a constant connection with your Lightbody and my planet, you will not ascend away from me, but rather with me. In this manner, you will facilitate and consciously experience the long awaited planetary ascension of Earth. Nothing will be lost, except fear and sorrow, while Heaven on Earth will be gained.

In preparation for your entry into the Corridor, repeat as often as you can:

I am activating my Lightbody now!

Thank you for being my partner in creating a New Earth based on peace and love. Together, dear Earthlings, we now journey through the Arcturian Corridor and into the unknown…