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The power of connection in one frequency

Every week a different frequency is made available to you online and in this blog I would like to elaborate on the reason for doing so. This week’s frequency is called Christ Consciousness.

As human beings we are susceptible to the ripple effect. This is because unconsciously we want to connect and grow in unison. It is for this reason that religions have such a great influence on the world; their rituals are based on this knowledge. Also, in other movements one can detect things getting stronger, as more and more people step into the same energy. It is the bonding experience, the growing together and above all the connecting. Our soul is susceptible to this. In fact it likes to make this connection. That is why we are so trend-sensitive. It happens in fashion, sports, the food industry, etc. We connect at a subconscious level with other like-minded people. It can even go as far as actually influencing our perspective of reality, which then leads to a negative connection. Just think about the ripple effect created by the media, politics or the internet. We are being influenced by it, whether we like it or not.

We are all connected in a huge, energetic network, also known as the ‘morphogenetic field’. We place energy and knowledge into this field and we access it to obtain energy and knowledge. When enough people start a new movement, it has an impact on the rest of the world. This is how trends are born. It is a critical mass, connecting at the same time; sometimes simultaneously leading to certain ideas or trends. This often happens in fashion, music and the movie industry.

With this in mind we are able to ignite a strong positive movement. This is where the Frequency of the Week comes in. Many people around the world connect with the weekly hologram and by this joint effort the frequency increases in the energetic field we all live in. We are able to positively influence this field, which will impact our mutual growth and development. There will be frequencies that impact you to a greater or lesser degree, depending on which emotions need healing i.e. activating.

This week I am sharing with you the frequency of Christ Consciousness. At this moment in time, this very strong energy is being activated, because worldwide religious movements also connect to the Christ energy. However, just relinquish the idea of religion for a moment, because it’s not about that. It is all about a simultaneous joint focus. This is how we increase mass consciousness and activate this energy within ourselves.

The frequency of Christ Consciousness reacquaints us with our essence and actives unconditional love within ourselves, starting with self-love. It activates our immense divine power, which has faded from our memory due to all our experiences through the centuries. Christ Consciousness opens our crown chakra to restore the connection with our own source. It brings you into attunement with the memory of your birth cells and enables you to remember who you really are: a part of the Divine.

Connect with this frequency for yourself but also to help strengthen this frequency in the morphogenetic field. This way you contribute not only to our collective growth but also to creating Heaven on Earth.

As Jesus said:

“A new command I give you:
Love one another.
As I have loved you,
so you must love one another”

Heart to Heart,

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