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I’m a Arcturian

I receive a lot of stories, quotes and experiences by mail. Sometimes a message touches me and the only feeling I consequently have is: I’ll have to share this! So ,this week no blog but simply something I would like to share with you, as I recognize myself in it. I do not know who has written this, that’s why I share it without mentioning the source. Thank you for sharing, Garda.

I’m a Arcturian

Those with Arcturus as their Planetary Origin have strong personalities with a deep inner strength and inner knowing. On the surface, they appear strong, capable and powerful. From early years of childhood there are feelings that their life has an important goal, although there usually is no knowledge of what that might be. They look for that goal, their purpose, which often leads to a spiritual journey. When the purpose is not found, it can cause an inner sense of discontentment or unhappiness, without understanding the cause.

Arcturians are creative

Many are writers, artist, and designers or use their qualities in a creative manner. Arcturians often are great public speakers with a good sense of timing and humor; they are the life of a party. They enjoy making others laugh. Arcturians love to travel. They have a tendency to get bored quickly and look for new experiences to avoid boredom. When they are bored, they will dramatize it, if only to stir up some action or excitement. This can become visible when they make a mountain out of a molehill. They make a big deal out of nothing to get some attention.

Arcturians sometimes remain at a distance and can be difficult to approach. They don’t have many close and intimate friends, but they do have many acquaintances. When an Arcturian accepts you as an intimate friend and shares intimate things with you, know that you have been carefully considered before you were accepted and “let in”. Arcturians attract other people; complete strangers are being drawn to the magnetic Arcturian energy.

They are sound advisors and their appearance gives the impression that they are strong and one of a kind. Many will be surprised when they discover that Arcturians have the same problems and feelings as everyone else. Often there is a large circle of people who have faith in and rely on their Arcturian friends for advice and guidance.

Although they are prepared to listen and to give advice, Arcturians do get impatient when other people are not prepared to put in the necessary effort or do not really try to achieve what they want. Whiners are not easily tolerated. Those who seek advice but are not prepared to use the advice they were given, can lose their Arcturian guidance.

Arcturians have a lot of energy, both physically and mentally. They jump from pillar to post and from one subject to the next. Normally they don’t like to stay put and be quiet. They want to feel that they are contributing towards something.

Arcturians are generally enthusiastic and optimistic. When they focus their energy and put it to good use, there is little they cannot achieve. If they are absent minded and without focus, many projects may get started but not completed.

In love relationships Arcturians need personal freedom. They feel trapped in relationships that are restrictive. Arcturians need time to be alone, but also time to spend with friends. They want to be able to do so, without feeling guilty or having to justify it. It is necessary to understand that this freedom is important to Arcturians and should be extended to others.

Arcturians find it difficult to express their deepest emotions and have the tendency to cope with deep emotional situations by creating diversions. Out of all emotions they are most comfortable with expressing frustration and humor. They may argue, tell stories (Arcturians are great storytellers!), try to put a smile on your face, or have a sudden urge “to do something” to avoid discussing their emotions.

Heart to Heart,




Я стопроцентная арктурианка))))И я уже давно с вами,но такое описание встречаю впервые! Такое ощущение,что писали с меня и про меня)))

Nina Sundova

Здорово! Как бы с меня списано. Благодарю, за новое самопознание!

Ольга Сергеева

Это я точно, с детства люблю на Арктур смотреть и разговаривала даже с ним, теперь знаю почему


Могу сказать то же самое. А сегодня путешествовала на Арктур на занятие по прошлым инопланетным жизням. Первый раз я там была, когда слушала активации Яноша. Было впечатление, что вернулась домой. А потом была момент в жизни, когда в один момент вспомнила себя только я не понимала,что это Арктур. А сегодня на практики погружения в прошлые инопланетные жизни увидела себя там. Мое воплощение там существует параллельно с этим. Там я высшая жрица, которая мысленно управляет процессом созданием новых планет и жизни там. То есть исследователи и создатели, а я контролирую этот процесс с помощью своих мыслей. Если на них посмотреть то это как разряды молний, что то подобное. Очень интересно. Я теперь поняла почему я люблю носить шляпки и разные головные уборы, которые делают мою голову выше, есть память, что так я передаю свои мысли. Вот так чудесным образом я вспомнила о Яноше))) Это описание, как будто про меня. Спасибо.


Всем привет. Да, реально про нас арктурианцев… но я если честно совсем забыла свою планету, на земле у меня больше чем 1500 реинкарнаций. Спасибо за статью.

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