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Unleashing the fire within you | Meditation DESIRE

What exactly is desire? We want everything, but something we desire sounds so profound… just as if your life depends on it. Let that be a good comparison: fighting for your life. What will happen to you if someone pushes your head under water? Will you think: Is this water clean? Or something like: Why do I actually need oxygen? Probably not. The only thing that matters is, what you need to survive and that is: air! You would move heaven and earth to free yourself and do everything to breath again, so strong is your… (exactly).

A different time

Michelangelo once said: “I hope that I will always desire more than I can achieve.” When we look at his achievements, we can only conclude that he knew what he was talking about. It took him more than four years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, a masterpiece which we all still can enjoy today. But at the time it was made Michelangelo must have rubbed his head many times. Just imagine it: lying every day for four years on your back and smelling the scent of wet paint. You can only persevere with something like that when the desire inside is so great to create something magnificent!

These days it seems almost impossible that you have enough time for your dream. We often have difficulties in doing something for a couple of months, let alone a couple of years. Life has become complex and fast and our wishes change easily. We want to grow quickly and preferably without too much effort or difficulties. Therefore our real desire rarely comes to the surface, simply because we do not take the time to listen to it. In the main we think in time frames, we become easily distracted and we form our dreams as ideals just like the way the media projects it. And if it becomes obvious that we are not happy, we become disheartened and we go looking for inspiration, whilst the answer cannot be found outside. It was in you all the time!

Your desire, your greatness

If you now want to reach out to millions of people, or just want a new hobby: it is not about what the outcome will be. It is all about what you feel, in every cell of your body. Desire is never attached to result. It is that wonderful feeling in your heart, which makes you smile spontaneously; that gives you the impulse to jump for joy and gives you the feeling that you can take on the world. In other words: a desire from the heart that you feel day in day out. You can see, hear, feel, smell and almost hold it, but cannot name it. It’s not a job vacancy in the newspapers, but something that goes much deeper than that.

If you recognize this, then undoubtedly you will know that little voice in your head that sounds like an irritating referee on the sidelines. A voice that says: ‘Are you sure?’ And if you want to make that choice, knocks you down with: ‘You are not ready for that.’ Or even worse: ‘You are not worth it.’ There can be numerous reasons not to begin with something you really want. Maybe you are waiting for the right moment, because ‘it just could not be.’ Perhaps you have made several attempts and you are disappointed that you have not achieved it. Perhaps you are hopeful, but hesitate to take action yourself. Maybe you have adjusted yourself so much to your surroundings that you have forgotten what you desire is. Whatever it may be, just remember that it is nothing more than a belief.

What it is all about is that you are able to see your own greatness. You are a god in disguise, a beautiful spiritual being who has the gift to be able to perform impossible tasks. Do you have a wish, then don’t attach a name or profession to it, but enjoy the freedom to play and discover where you are going. It could be something that big or so surprising that you cannot believe it within your present boundaries. Shut off that voice in your head that says ‘I am not ready for this.’ Break through the illusion by constantly asking yourself every time: ‘Why not now?’ Life is too beautiful and too short to pass your time in the waiting room, so open your heart and embrace your deepest desire!

Strong and limitless

Be aware from now on what is stopping you to reach your inner desire and take the time and space during this phase to re-awaken this within. Start by pushing the words ‘but’, ‘not’ and ‘no’ for the time being out of your mind – restraining beliefs keep you small. Just like a child in a toyshop, choose the things which you like the best, not because you have to, but because it feels right. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, because only beautiful experiences are the result. Just remember: desire is powerful and limitless. Desire can make you a leader. Desire helps you to rise above yourself. Desire motivates to show courage, to carry on and keep developing yourself. Desire gives energy, fire and self-confidence…the courage to change your course in life, whatever the consequences may be.

Enjoy this meditation, I hope you share your experience with us.
Heart to Heart,



Thank you for all your work.

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