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What is your theme today?

Pick a card and allow yourself to be inspired by the Cosmic Care cards by Janosh, with a message. To pick a card, click on the button below.

The text tells you what the theme of the card is. Then you can activate the energy in yourself by focusing on the geometrical code. Relax your body, breathe slowly and focus on the middle.


Meie Eneseloomisprotsessi pidurdavad sageli meie ebakindlus, hirmud, kõhklused, kahtlused, ebalus.  Kuid Loomise JÕUD peitub absoluutses usalduses, ilma et meid segaksid need šabloonid, millega oleme nii harjunud. Süütuse koodi energia viib meid uuesti tagasi tunnete juurde, mida tundsime lapsena: puhtus, siirus/ehedus/ehtsus, mängulisus, piirangute puudumine, hirmude, kõhkluste ja kahtluste puudumine.
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Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.

Our energy field is like a breath; it expands and deflates. And every time it repeats we send out energy and bring new energy in. That is how we resonate with one another and the universe and share our knowledge in an immense field of consciousness. Just like breathing, it is important that you regulate this flow. Regularly take the time to attune yourself to nature and the cosmos.
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