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Hanging on to the past in a negative way will affect your future. It is important to know that everything you have experienced has mostly been decided by your soul. Before you were born, you chose this path so that you could grow.

However, because our evolution is moving so quickly, there is no need to sit back and do nothing; you can consciously act, adjust and co-create. Don’t look back anymore but focus on a fresh, positive thought for tomorrow. You are invited to write your own future from now on. This code will inspire you to save the past as an experience. An experience that helped you realise that you can influence your own life path.

The frequency of Invitation helps you to realise that you are the historian of your life.

Affirmation: I accept every invitation to develop myself.


Irina Jatsenko

Благодарю, Янош! Очень помогает открыть себя!

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