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Turning Point

Every day is different and not every day is as inspiring as others. If you discover that a pattern of negativity creeps into your life, it is time to stop the clock. Are you still following the path of your dreams? Toliau…

(Русский) Книга “Пробуди свою ДНК!” снова в продаже



Hanging on to the past in a negative way will affect your future. It is important to know that everything you have experienced has mostly been decided by your soul. Before you were born, you chose this path so that you could grow.


Body and mind are joined together. They give each other signals and communicate with one another in this way. When you experience physical pain, please realise that there is an energetic counterpart to explain why you feel that pain. Nothing happens without a reason. Toliau…

Rise ‘n Shine | Activation: Harmony

Every morning have your own visual Breakfast for the Soul, specially composed by Janosh.

The first twelve minutes after you wake up define your day. When you start your day with positive energy, it will benefit you the entire day. So grab that daily positive energy with the Rise ‘n Shine activation by Janosh. Every morning you can choose one activation.

Please click on the link to download information on the activation.

Activation: Harmony

The frequency of Harmony helps you to connect to the we-feeling and to understand the larger perspective of life on Earth

Awareness / Realisation

The universe lives according to the law that energy is cyclical, which means: all that you broadcast, returns. So it is in fact very simple to transmit what you want by means of thoughts and feelings, and subsequently receiving it back at a later time. We humans make it all more complicated than it really is. We do not realise that we are able to perform miracles, because we seek confirmation in explainable facts in everything that happens.


You have taken steps to change your life, but in your attempt to get ahead, you often hang on to the things you do not like about yourself. You consciously choose to shed off these characteristics, but from your subconscious they tend to rear their heads again.