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Our start on October, 27th

Greetings to all participants of the ‘Birth of the New Human’ and loyal readers of!

50 people were gathered on October, 27th in K-Suns Gallery to enjoy inspirational, deep and transformational experience during the ‘Self-Design Potential’. Each time arriving in a new country Janosh aligns with frequencies of the city he is in, in order to give the exact information and experience, which need both city and its people. Thus Janosh decided to change the theme of his presentation and to show ‘Birth of the New Human’ which exactly what we need in Latvia to accept new energies. In order to do so and enter the New Time and the 2013 we need to open up our hearts and transmit attention from the mind which always busy and noisy to the heart centre, where our Soul is waiting for us to uncover.

«The process has begun. From this point in time there is no going back. This day we are going on a journey into your subconscious, a place that contains all the answers, where all your desires and characteristics stem from and every emotional blockage emerges from. Together we will jump into the deep end. We will get to the heart of the matter, to the source of your true power.»

That was our start on October, 27th.

Our team thanks all those with brave and open hearts who took a journey with us that day and opened up their hearts. Now the process starts for you and us! We’ve launched the process which will get you to your dreams. And this path we can come together. We invite you to read our materials: articles by Janosh and his experience, video activations and inspirational codes; subscribe to our mailing list and keep an eye on new stuff we publish on JanoshBaltics page at Facebook, group Janošs Baltijā V Kontakte, page Janosh. Sakrālā ģeometrija at

You could also see some products: ‘Wake Up Your DNA’ book, affirmation boxes ‘Gifts of the Artcurians’ and ‘Keys of the Arcturians’, ‘Tools of the Arcturians’ game and DVD ‘2012. The Hidden Message’ and a special calendar – Joy Calendar 2013 made specially for Latvia (see more at

Janosh’s holograms hold a deeper truth. They consist of geometric patterns that speed up our personal growth. In Janosh’s art this language is being used and each hologram has its own frequency to communicate with you. Think of it as different pulses, each resonating with certain areas of your subconscious. Due to their vibrations they loosen trapped energy and remove blockages, allowing hidden knowledge to surface. In addition, you connect to your Higher Self through Janosh’s holograms and strengthen your connection to the cosmos.

Janosh: “You can manifest anything in life, simply by using your true power to create.”

His work is focused on inspiring people to live from the heart and to show them that one is capable of far more than one can ever imagine. Sacred Geometry was a major in the mystery schools of ancient Egypt, where Maria Magdalin underwent her initiation. The time is now for you to experience Sacred Geometry as a superfast way to grow. It helps you to remember and to rediscover who you really are.

Joy Calendar 2013 has a special aim – it inspires you to feel the Joy and fill with it each day of your life. Living in Joy we transmit it to our surroundings, thus creating a better life with more harmony in it.

Let the 2013 be a year of Joy for Latvia and its people!

Filling in the questionnaire we asked you to specify what products you would like to purchase for yourself. We invite you to visit our Webshop to place your order.

Now when the seminar is over we ask you to share your feelings about it:

  • what did you like about it?
  • what was your experience?
  • was there something that you didn’t like?
  • what was the best for you?
  • what main idea, thought or emotion do you still experience?

Write some words to the future participants of workshops and couple of words to the organization team, your recommendations and suggestions.

«Live the life you have always dreamed of. Follow your heart and do not let anyone or anything hinder you to do what you came here for. Now that you know what you are capable of and where you true strength lies, the real process can start. »

With Best Regards!

From Heart to Heart,

Janosh Baltics Team.

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Добрый день!
Семинар мне понравился. В частности понравилось то, что Янош был откровенен, поделился с участниками информацией о том, как его отталкивали, когда казалось бы он был готов для окружения открыть свое сердце и о том, как пришел к сакральной геометрии.
Очень понравились объятия, в коих я прибывала с участниками семинара по его окончании. Это был интересный, приятный опыт. Это было чуть ли не самое “душещипательное” для меня.
Понравилось то, что участницы семинара поделились информацией о своих трудностях / успехах в жизни. Это было поучительно.
Было приятно осозновать, что мы все ангелы, которые пришли на землю в физическом обличье для выполнения определенного плана. Нравилось смотреть себе в глаза и улыбаться, обнимать себя… В такие моменты шло приятное тепло. Казалось странным, почему я не всегда так к себе отношусь!
Я смогла вынести из семинара важное для себя открытие: если меня отталкивают, то те, кто это делает, не готовы меня принять, а со мной все в порядке. Это очень греет душу!

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