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Grand Cross # 2

Interesting times are coming. A great cosmic happening, which is called the Grand Cross, is approaching and will have a lot of influence on the energy around earth. People are predicting a total solar eclipse in the northern Atlantic Ocean on or around 21st March 2015. In the time approaching this eclipse, great planetary influences await us. Together we are going to go through a huge transformation that is meant to cleanse us from our karmic past. In the forthcoming weeks I will regularly post updates over what is happening as we approach this event, with thanks to the astrologer, Annette Kok.

Update #2 (by Annette Kok)

How it all began

It all began on the 24th June 2012. That was the first moment that Uranus and Pluto made an exact aspect with one another. Of course we all felt the tension building up over the months and even the years before, about the exact moment that these two planetary giants would aspect one another.


Uranus in the zodiac sign Aries and Pluto in the sign Capricorn have resulted in an exact square with one another seven times. The astrological word for the time when the aspect becomes exact is called an incoming aspect until the planets become aligned. For the past few years, astrologists called this aspect “being conjunct with one another”. Nowadays astrological preference is for the word ‘aligned’.

An alignment between two planets can be defined as being a favorable or unfavorable aspect, which has two different elaborations or meanings. In other words if the alignment is favorable or unfavorable.

After the alignment we then call the meeting of these two planets an outgoing aspect. The meaning between the incoming and the outgoing aspect is completely different. Up to the alignment there is a build up of energy between the planets. During the alignment a manifestation takes place and after the alignment we look back on the aspect and the result in our personal lives, and what affect it has had on our community. Then a phase of renovation takes place.

A clear difference

The exact aspects took place during the years 2012 and up to and including 2015. Just like the energy builds up approaching the exact aspect, the energy will be felt in the years to come, even though this will be completely different.

A clear difference will be felt. In the year from 2010 until present time, these were years in which we lived in chaos. During the final and seventh aspect the chaos will be at its worst. When the Grand Cross occurring on the 17th March 2015 has passed, we will begin on clearing up the chaos. The years following the final and seventh exact square will be spent on re-building. We will get a grip back on our lives. Hope will return. We will get more focus. Feeling of powerlessness and anger will make way for feelings of safely, order, rest and regularity.


To make a simple comparison I use the metaphor ‘tornado’ or ‘whirlwind’. We can see the whirlwind approaching from afar. The energy builds up. Anger and fear prevail and we feel that a change is coming not only in our own lives but in the community as a whole, a change that is going to be immense, although we do not exactly know how this is going to occur. The tornado gets closer. We try and make sure that our belongs are safe, so that we can survive the storm, bringing ourselves and loved ones into safely as the tornado approaches. Then we are sitting in the eye of the storm, even though it might be completely calm. The tornado races on. All the bits and pieces are flying all around us and we can then see what the effects are of the tornado and how it has affected our lives.

New Times

As far as our own lives are concerned it is best to be as flexible as possible with the changes. For more than two years, possibly even ten years, we have felt the imbalance in our lives. This is a repeating pattern, which we find difficult to comprehend. The result of this is chaos. Now, several years later, we know absolutely what we do and do not want in our lives. In the meantime we have made steps to keep chaos out of our lives. What we want to get rid of. This is a karmic pattern. We are on the way to challenging the tornado, so that we can be transformed into a new being to move forward into the new time, where there is more space for hope, trust, rebuilding, happiness and safety.

We are on the way to a turnaround in the New Time!

Online activation by Janosh

On the 20th of March 2015 (the day of the New Moon) Janosh will organize a webcast in which he will bring people in contact with the healing energy of the moment. The code Self Healing will be central and help you to go through this transformation process. The webcast will be in English and participation is free.

Date: 20th March 2015
Time: 23-00 (Moscow Time)

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