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This frequency is all about revitalization, a reminder to open your chakras and let cosmic energies flow through your being.

Picture it like a refreshing breeze that rejuvenates your spirit and empowers your life.
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The 9 points that radiate with the wisdom of Higher Spirits

You know, as long as humanity has existed, we’ve looked to the stars and wondered.

Wondered about our origins and the source of Creation.
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(Русский) Новая энергетическая частота: Вездесущность

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Oh my, 24 hours non stop. I couldn’t stop, it flowed and different emotions passed by. From sadness to an overwhelming flow of love. I would almost say, a love that we have not yet experienced on this Earth. So powerful, so confrontational, so coming home.
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At the core of the Vortex Frequency lies the ancient wisdom of sacred vortexes, connecting the physical realm to the divine. This frequency serves as a conduit for spiritual energy, harmonizing with the chakra system to facilitate healing and transformation.
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(Русский) Новая энергетическая частота: Седалище Души

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Reunite with your forgotten power! Access your hidden and undiscovered skills, gifts, and abilities. Transform your life back to literally live in your own Heaven on Earth.
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Tranquility helps you clear your mind, heart, and soul of negative energies such as resentment, jealousy, spite and malice. Let peace guide you as you let go of what no longer suits you.
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Inner Liberation

You came into this world as a child, pure and loving. You laughed when you were happy, you cried when you were afraid. Love and fear were the only emotions you knew, which made everything simple. As you got older, you learned that love was equal to pain. You were rejected increasingly, because not everyone wanted to be your friend. There were rules for what you could and could not do and if you didn’t follow the rules, you were punished. Thus the freedom that you once had as a child, was slowly taken away from you.

The years have taught you that freedom is something that you must earn; something you must work for. You know no different than having to meet certain demands before you get recognition. Whoever wants to be free, must remember that freedom cannot be found outside ourselves. It is a State of Being, a limitless feeling that you can create yourself. You don’t need to do anything to achieve this, you only have to remember.

Freedom is the outcome of unconditional love, the energy you came into the world with and within this lies your power.

(Русский) Энергетическая частота – НАСТРОЕННОСТЬ

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The Reset

Reset yourself, reset your life! At the core of The Reset is the message that at any moment there is an opportunity for a reset. A refresh on life. A new mindset.

A reset is your personal empowerment “button” — accessible anytime you desire change.

Resetting isn’t about beating yourself up, feeling bad or staying stuck. A reset is about embracing a positive attitude towards change and finding opportunities for personal growth even in the hardest of times.
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