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I asked my friends what is the most important frequency or challenge for us this 2023. And they showed me a new frequency.


The closer we get to being who we are meant to be…
The brighter we shine.

Why would this be our challenge of 2023 you feel?
Loe edasi…


– Power to run the body & self-healing
– Wisdom to nourish the mind (the right use of the knowledge from the heart)
– Love to fulfill the destiny of the soul in conscious outer manifestation

The Trinity of love, wisdom and power is your soul’s connection to your Source and is your potential to become the fullness of your Higher Self.
Loe edasi…


Raise your heart’s vibration & create the life you desire.

We are being prepared for a leap in evolution. The individual will make space for the collective. Personal experiences will become shared experiences, in which our empathetic and telepathic powers develop themselves even further. In this way you come into contact even more with the ‘bigger we’.
Loe edasi…

Dance of The Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Activation

Balancing and integrating masculine and feminine energies, achieving wholeness and unity.
Loe edasi…

The Sacred Masculine

Exploring and embodying the sacred masculine energy within, embracing strength and nurturing.
Loe edasi…

The Sacred Feminine

Embracing and embodying the sacred feminine energy within, embracing intuition and creation.
Loe edasi…

The Path

Sometimes you feel things even though your brain doesn’t understand it right away. In recent months, two new projects have emerged. The Oracle of God in which I was instructed to find the 33 stones connected to the 33 Goddesses.
Loe edasi…


True courage is not about having all the answers; it is about finding the strength to face the questions you have avoided all your life. It is about embracing the unknown, stepping into the realm of uncertainty and facing your fears.
Loe edasi…


It is time to rise above your limitations and step into your true power.
Embrace the power within yourself to overcome challenges, turn adversity into opportunity and reach new heights of personal growth and success.
Loe edasi…


Miracles are a shift in perception. The shift in the world begins with a shift in our behavior, perspective and thinking. Shifting our own perspective does not change the world but it creates a condition where the shift in the world becomes possible.

We are invited…
Loe edasi…


It’s time to have and enjoy magical moments in life, reposition yourself so magic happens.
Dare to choose for magic. Everything is possible. Everything you believe is true. Believe in magic and it will happen.
Loe edasi…