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You have confusing thoughts and feelings that are probably not in agreement with you. You are picking them up from your surroundings, through discussions and interactions with the people around you. Certain words, stories, experiences, emotions; they all remain hanging in your system.

This influences your behavior, which then has a reaction on your relationships. In this way you are much more cautious and easily irritated. It is important that you distance yourself from all this hustle and bustle before you become overwhelmed with all the impulses from outside. Recognize the fact that you have made too many connections and that you need to protect yourself.

The frequency Disconnecting helps you to break all the energetic connections with your surroundings and to distinguish the difference who is or who is not feeding you, so that clarity returns.



Ах, как же Это нужно сегодня!! Благодарю!!

Донскова Зоя

Как можно отделиться от Единства , по существу от Бога?

Irina Jatsenko

Всё наоборот. Речь идёт о том, чтобы отделиться от внешней суеты, внешних связей со своим окружением, чтобы защитить себя от перегрузки извне.
Это поможет обрести ясность, обратиться внутрь себя, услышать голос Духа и Бога.

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