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Janoša autorraksts “Nepieķeršanās”

Detachment is the frequency that I would like to share with you this week. For myself, I sometimes find it difficult to make contact with this frequency. Detachment can be exciting, but also a bit scary, because when you really release something, it’s never coming back. You are cutting it out of your system. But if you have the feeling that you aren’t going anywhere in your life, it’s important that you immediately distance yourself from what makes you feel safe. In other words: dare to release. New doors will only open if you are willing to close the old ones. That’s the way it works, even though sometimes it can be scary.

Unless you want to stay on the same level your entire life, you have to accept a certain truth: every time that you make a step forward in your life, you have to let go of something. There’s no escaping that fact. Rationally speaking, it’s purely a question of making choices. For example, if you need a new couch, you replace the old one with the new one. There’s nothing inherently difficult about that. The notion of letting go simply means you can’t sit anymore on your old, familiar couch, and you have to get used to the new one. But emotionally, there can also be much more to this important moment of choice. You also have to release, which means saying goodbye to, the valuable emotions that are connected to your old couch. You are not only saying goodbye to a couch, but also to a part of yourself.

In fact, detachment goes a lot further than just getting rid of something. Releasing cleans something inside of yourself. You might say that replacing a couch is no big deal. Most of us do it as easily as if we were buying a new coat. The only difference is that we often hang the old coat back up somewhere in the closet (because you never know when you might need it again). An old couch, on the other hand, is something you either sell, give away or put in the garbage. You say goodbye to it, and it’s gone. But do you also gather the memories that are attached to that old couch? How much pleasure it gave you; how many people sat on that couch; how many interesting conversations you had there. Maybe your grandpa, when he was alive, used to sit on it or maybe your children used to pull themselves up on it before they could walk.

What I mean to say here is that you can grow faster if you also take the time to release. By releasing, I don’t mean grieving. It isn’t necessarily a sad phase that you’re going through, because release can also be very pleasant. If I make a choice to leave something behind, I might find it wonderful to recall the memories, especially those moments when I laughed. By taking the time to be silent and reflective, my movement to the new or to what is next is much easier. If I don’t take that time to reflect, then I might doubt my decision, not because I made a mistake, but because I didn’t end my emotional connection. In other words, a part of me is still ‘hanging’ in the old energy.

The reason we don’t like to release is that we like to have all of our options open in our decision-making process. We want as many choices as possible. But, just like a living room that does not have room for two couches, our emotional and spiritual space similarly has no room for competing choices. We need to clean something in ourselves to make space for the new. And when you do that, you don’t see your new choices as a risk but rather as a moment of growth. That is what I learned while making this code. Release can be a positive force, if I focus on what it will bring me and not on what I will lose. If I give myself the freedom to focus on the positive aspect of release, I can feel more love, happiness and excitement. And, I won’t question whether I did the right thing. I’ll just trust that I will reach my goal, knowing that I had beautiful times, but also knowing that I’m not stuck in my past.

If you stand for making new choices, then use this frequency of DETACHMENT this week. Focus on the center of the hologram and visualize in your mind what you would like to leave behind. Try to let go of every judgment, because nothing was wrong or right. You are just closing a range of experiences that brought you to where you are now. So be grateful for that. They were needed for the new challenge that is awaiting you.

From my Heart to Yours,



Просто находка для меня эта статья!! Вот так мирно и по доброму можно расстаться, что действительно мучительно держит и мешает развиваться дальше.Я очень благодарна за мудрую интерпретацию момента отпускания. C любовью

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