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Every week a different frequency will be made available to you, each with a meaning. By tuning in, you can activate that part in yourself that is connected to this. Take a few deep breaths, focus on the centre and feel what it does with you.

You are at a crossroads in your life and you are hesitating to move on. You have to make a choice but you are not sure which one. Most of the time, the first thought that comes to mind is what you truly feel, but we are inclined to analyseour options much too thorough. We want to consider every risk involved, even though your intuition does not work that way. Intuition is a strong quality which only works best when you switch off your thinking.

The frequency of Intuition helps you to trust your feelings, so that you can make important choices, not out of fear, but with confidence.

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Татьяна Сырченко
2015-04-30 21:58:18
Спасибо, Янош, за Гармоническое Созвучие!(:smile:)