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Janosh Column “Sensitivity”

For those of you who are familiar with my work, know that each hologram has a special effect on a part of our sub consciousness. I call these codes, because they help you to decipher hidden knowledge within yourself. Each code contains information in the form of a frequency, in other words: an energetic vibration, which resonates with our feelings. In my columns I write about my experiences when I receive these frequencies. I usually talk about the ones, which are the strongest at this moment and give my opinion about our development in this topic.


A few days ago I saw someone at the airport who unconsciously spurred me on to begin this column. It was a tall man about 30–ish with dark eyes, black hair and sombre clothes. I had to catch my flight abroad to give a number of presentations and on the way to the departure gate I saw this man several times. He caught my attention, although I was not sure why. Surprisingly enough not only did it turn out that we were on the same plane, but in the same row: he next to the window on one side and me on the other side. We did say hello and that was all, but if only I could turn back time, I would have liked to have talked with him. I saw something in his eyes, which touched me: a loneliness that did not match the way he presented himself. It was just as if he was wrapped in a coat of self-assurance, whilst his soul was screaming for love and contact. I watched him during the flight and asked myself what his life was like, who he was and where he came from and what he did in life. A couple of times I thought about going to sit next to him, but I could not find the exact words to start a conversation. I really felt that I should do something for him and maybe it was just enough to ask him how he was. Unfortunately I will never know, because I did nothing about it.

Of course in retrospect there were enough reasons why I did not approach this man, but it remains a fact that I did not acknowledge my feeling. Normally I would not pay so much attention to this, was it not for the fact that my hologram Sensitivity is all about this. I can see a definite pattern that repeats constantly, but I have not been so aware of this before. It not the first time that I have neglected to give attention to someone who in my opinion needs this. On the street or by the baker I meet people where I can see that they are so unhappy, but there is always something that stops me from making contact with them. There is no time or occasion for this, but actually this is rubbish. In the plane I had more than 3 hours to say something and I did not. What reason do I need to make contact then?

If you really feel that you can offer someone something, then nothing should stop you, but I see that we are not programmed that way. Together we all keep a special ambiance going where we are not vulnerable, but prefer to choose easy subjects to talk about. I have often asked myself why it’s easy to talk to a stranger in the street about the weather or sport, but why you never just ask someone” “I feel that there is something with you.” We think its stupid to say something like that, whilst we are all sensitive to the signals we send to one another. Why don’t we feel free to talk about this openly?

Impurity is offensive

What I am trying to say is that we can learn so much more from one another, if we are open and communicate truthfully. We don’t actually say what we are feeling, often because we are afraid to be offensive or to judge ourselves. This does not only relate to contact with strangers, but also in the way we act towards our friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Even the people, who are close to us, do not often hear the truth. I notice lately that when I make an appointment with someone spontaneously that I really shouldn’t have planned it. At that moment is seems a good idea, but as the day gets closer, for some or other reason it does not feel right anymore. Often I don’t exactly know the reason why, apart from the fact that I am not looking forward to that moment. Actually I should really be truthful and say: “sorry it does not feel right anymore”. Still I don’t do that, because I need a proper reason so that I don’t disappoint anyone. And I don’t have one, so I need to make one up otherwise I cannot get out of it. Isn’t that strange? That your feeling inside is so pure, and it becomes tainted by inventing excuses?

What overrules me is that I am convinced that the other person will not understand me if I share my feelings honestly. So I make up a story, which probably is not right, purely because of my uncertainty. Then what happens is what I try to avoid the most: people become attached. They can feel that I am not being completely honest and go looking for the truth. The result is that I try and get away from the confrontations and give myself more problems as a result. I know that it’s better to share, because impurity is offensive and everyone can feel it. We are all very sensitive beings who know exactly how to differentiate between the truth and illusion. We have our own aerial just for that, so nobody benefits by ‘a lie for your own good’. Talk from your heart and then everything is clear right away. I know this well, but like I say sometimes: between knowing and feeling is a big difference.

What I often find strange is, that during sessions on stage or sessions with clients I have no problems about being totally honest. Then I say what I feel, speak about everything that comes up and it does not worry me how people will react. I seem to need this part to be myself and people often ask me how I can speak my intuition with such self-confidence. The answer is: I don’t think about it. It just happens automatically, because my desire is to help people in their lives. I think of it as my mission to make a contribution to the well being of mankind and I feel completely free as soon as I make contact with that. But the other side of the story is without this mission I can often show very distanced behaviour. I work with heart and soul for a better world, but if I am right in the middle, I often feel very ill at ease. For example, I was waiting a few weeks ago on the school playground waiting for my daughter to come outside and another father was standing beside me who wanted to talk to me. I did my best by trying to stare straight ahead, in the hope that he would understand that I didn’t really want to hear his story, but it did not work. He talked non-stop about his children, about how he had done the best he could be leave his work on time. There was nothing wrong with him – he was very friendly – but I could feel that he wanted to go in a direction which I would have preferred not to, until my feeling was confirmed, and he suddenly surprised me with the question I felt coming and wanted to avoid at all costs: “Hey what you do for work?”

Between the fathers, mothers and teachers

Yep, that’s funny isn’t it? I hear from more people that spirituality does not mix well with terrestrial, but in my opinion this is not true. Its a personal choice to separate these worlds from one another, I have discovered that over the years. How often in private or group sessions I see people loose themselves in spirituality, because they have found something to connect their fear for the outside world to. I have heard so many stories over dark powers, polluted energies, negative entities, and so on – in most cases to avoid the personal process. Of course I feel that there is a certain imbalance in the other world, but you just can’t use that as the cause of all your problems. It’s important that you make a connection with other people, don’t avoid certain challenges and allow yourself just to be a person. The soul world is not strange, because we are all spiritual beings. It just has to happen on earth and nowhere else.

OK, let me be honest; when I made my first holograms and became aware that I often became detached from the ground, I was not very fond of the world all around me. I love to disappear into my own fantasy and distance myself from everything that in my opinion is not related to love. But I often gave myself problems this way, because no one could get in contact with me. I received all sorts of confrontations and ran away from my responsibilities. That is in my opinion totally and inseparably linked with spiritual consciousness: responsibility. The pioneers, exactly like you and me, who are able to feel what is happening in our surroundings, have the responsibility to do something about it. Every time you pick up emotions from others and see sadness, pain or disappointment in their eyes, you have the opportunity to do something small for this world. Remember that something small can often be something big. I say sometimes: a smile can save a life. I truly believe that. Someone who does not know where to turn can believe in himself or herself again because you show them love. So give that smile, give your support. Make contact with your fellow-people. Have a chat! As much as the man on the school playground irritated me, I am grateful that he approached me, because he showed me what I am. I have received a new challenge, and that is speaking my truth openly. Not as a soul but as a person. Not on the stage, but on the school playground. In between the fathers, mothers and teachers; that is where it happened to me.

He is ready!

You have probably guessed without any doubt that collecting my daughter from school has become an exciting game for me. Every time I arrive in my car, I hope for a new victory. It may seem strange to say this, but I am not making a joke. I am writing this because, since the completion of my new book God meets God (soon in English) I have received a lot of beautiful insights. Perhaps I have said that in a weak way, I should rather say that it has changed my life totally. Without telling too much about the book, I just want to pause for a moment, because this was the most intense and inspiring project in my work, which I have been doing now for 10 years. I am extremely proud to say after a year and half: he is ready! During the final phase I have worked around the clock and even all through one night to ensure that he was delivered correctly to the printer, but it was worth every second. I could hardly let it go, it was so wonderful. In a few days I will receive my first hard copy and I cannot wait until the 12th October in Amersfoort to hand out the first few copies. Apart from that I will share my experiences during the writing process together with two activations and a large-scale meditation. All is all its going to be a party, with more than enough food for the soul!

What makes the book so special for me, is that I did not write it myself. Yes, that sounds strange, but it is true. I did not make it up, but lived chapter to chapter. It all began a year and a half ago, when I unsuspectingly started a discussion with my guide, Saïe. In the first instance I thought this was only meant for me. I wanted to know what it all meant since I started receiving the holograms in 2003. So, Saïe took me on a journey through different times, lives and dimensions and it was not always easy to keep up. At once I went into a process where I came face to face with myself in different confrontations, but the experiences were so amazing, the insights so illuminating, that I wanted to do nothing more than share. I dare to say with great confidence that everyone should read this, because I know what the journey gave to me, and I want everyone to experience that! I stepped out of the process as a new person. I feel free and look back on my past quite differently. Everything that I used to think was so dramatic, has been a part of my soul’s plan, which I could not miss. Even the people who first read the manuscript were touched. I received a burning question from one person, asking me to print out the final chapter, because I had forgotten to put it in the file. In this way I would like to let him know that I am happy that he surrendered and that it was not my intention to keep him in suspense, and yes… the end: that was quite a happening.

It was on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, when I was just at the moment when I was going to raise the flag, that at an unexpected moment, my laptop crashed and I lost all my information. Thank goodness I had saved all the chapters online, I just could not find the final one. I knew this was telling me something, because I wasn’t totally happy about it, but I did not want to loose four days work just for the sake of it. What you don’t want to hear at that moment is that you should regularly make back-ups. You know that of course, but who would have thought anything could go wrong? So, I was naive and had to pay the price, but this setback gave me the opening to my new code. I instantly knew that it has to do with sensitivity because I should have known that my premonition was right. The final chapter was not what I had actually experienced, because I was trying to satisfy what was expected of me. In the meantime I know Saïe well enough that he had intervened and that was necessary. Not to interrupt my schedule, but to show me that I should have listened to my feelings.

Suddenly someone was there

We all have that little voice that during unexpected moments whispers that we should pay attention. It can relate to signs, symbols, people or situations that we must take seriously and I would like to inspire you to stand still more often in situations that are too by chance. These are the signs that you need to use to follow your path. That is what was often confirmed to me during the writing process and these moments make life much more interesting than it is. Synchronicities are there for us all, wherever we are. When you open your eyes to them, you will see that everything goes according to plan. Nothing happens just like that and maybe you are now thinking: I knew all that. That is right, you do know everything. So, in the way that I began this column, your sensitivity is not just something to keep purely for yourself. It’s much more important to come out in the open. Talk about what you encounter and share the insights you receive.

If you find it difficult to talk about your feelings publically, then focus daily on the hologram Sensitivity – in the middle and for as long as you like. Make it a game as well to inspire people more often with your words or deeds. Try and talk to someone about their behaviour and do it in a loving way, so that that person gains by it. Don’t be afraid to speak your feelings. Don’t be afraid to be a bit different. How many inspiring stories are told where somewhere in the middle, the totally changed sentence:’ Once there was someone…’ this someone could be you. The sign or miracle that someone needs could perhaps be in you. Open yourself for all the others who want to share something with you, even those who reject you. They are the true masters in disguise, because they mirror what you stand for.

Who reads the eyes, can connect the hearts.

From heart to heart,



свАбодный_ как_Ветер

Прочитал и все прочувствовал…Наверное каждый кто вступил на Путь должен осознать, что теперь мир не потерпит фальшивости в поступках, чувствах и даже в мыслях…Это тяжело… научится не врать самому себе это тот еще урок…Хочется сказать Яношу слова благодарности и поддержки. Жизнь обретает смысл, когда сам начинаешь поддерживать других на Пути, даже если до этого жизнь была набором запрограммированных и навязанных шаблонов поведения. Этот код мне странным образом знаком и кажется я узнаю каждую линию в рисунке. А история про парня в самолете практически моя история жизни…Но сейчас я понял, что только каждый сам лично может начать менять свою жизнь в лучшую сторону, точнее в сторону Любви…Я понял насколько важно держаться баланса, только так можно хотя бы наполовину вытащить себя из под контроля…Спасибо Вам Янош, что даете людям уверенность в том, что существуют пути, которые в конечном счете приведут в новый добрый и светлый мир…) Желаю Вам удачи…
С уважением…

Sofia Berenshtein

БлагоДарю,Янош!Каждое слово созвучно моей душе.Как-будто ты подслушал мои мысли и увидел мои глаза.Где можно купить книгу?БлагоДарю!Света и Любви!!!

От сердца к сердцу Софья

Tatiana Shahmatova

Благодарю Янош!!!!!!Как хорошо . что вы ЭТО написали!!!!Как часто я замолчиваю или стесняюсь заговорить …..как часто потом жалею об этом.В свое время ярешила ,что если к тебе не обращаются,значит твое вмешательство .просто не нужно.сейчас.читая вашу статью.поняла ,что сама отгораживаюсь и просто боюсь .что со мной заговорят и боюсь открыто выразить .то что чувствую….БЛАГОДАРЮ!!!!!!!

Ирина Юсифзаде

Благодарю вас Янош,за то что вы ЕСТЬ!!!У меня выходит немного другое.Я чувствую,что не могу промолчать в некоторые минуты.сердечко так и горит,хочет помочь..Я делюсь чувствами,как бы вдохновляю(я вижу в этот момент),а потом выясняется,что меня обвиняют что я мол лезу и даже высмеивают.Поймала себя на том,что меня это хоть немного,но огорчает.Ведь это казалось близкие..,думала и по духу близкие..Может они пока просто не могут принять или не хотят что то в себе менять….Я стараюсь к этому не привязываться и просто отпускаю,всему свое время.Но молчать я тоже не могу(:smile:)

валентина Ворн

Благодарю Яноша за искренность. Как часто нам не хватает смелости признаться в своих чувствах. Как часто мы их подавляем. И вина всему-наши страхи. Нам всем нужно учиться быть открытыми и искренними, только тогда наши сердца могут соедениться с сердцами других людей. Для этого, мы все здесь на планете Земля. С любовью ко всем живущим и идущим своим духовным путем.

Лариса Канаева

Янош. Благодарю искренне, от всего сердца, за статью. Созвучно почти каждое слово. также чувствую всегда и везде – что НАДО, МОГУ И ХОЧУ помочь, но также не знаю повода. И грызут сомнения: а ему-ей это надо? Хотя знаю, что могу помочь. Также очень не люблю вопросов – а кем ты работаешь, потому что занимаюсь духовной психологией и многие “непонимающие” просто думают, что Я дурю людей. На свои тренингах, семинарах – Я также ликую, живу открыто в своей истине. Там мне легко быть самой собой. А вот среди “народа”, среди учителей, мам и пап… Я не могу проговорить кто Я и чем занимаюсь. Очень хочу выйти из этой зоны комфорта. Очень. И про свою первую книгу Я также написала, что “писала – не Я”, полностью Вас в этом понимаю. Всё выливается откуда-то изнутри. Перечитываешь и недоумеваешь: это написала Я? Получается (или доказывается) ))) что мы все действительно – Одно-Единое-Целое-Неделимое-Вечное (кстати так и назвался почему-то мой первый роман, название пришло как-то само собой в то время). Обнимаю и еще раз… тысячу раз ))) – БЛАГО-Дарю!

Наталия Белоцерковская

БлагоДарю сердечно…)))(:smile:)

Евгения Волкович

Янош, благодарю!!!!!!!!! Очень познавательно и своевременно!!!!!!!!!


Спасибо,Янош! Читая Вашу историю жизни,понимаю,как здорово,что есть” Избранные” и это Вы,Янош ! От Ваших слов,Душа открывается,наполняется огромной Благодарностью и Любовью,которая вырывается наружу.Согласна с Вами: мы должны учиться понимать и помогать друг другу и только тогда мы будем видеть больше счастливых людей вокруг нас.Видеть улыбки и радость на лицах и от наших улыбок мир станет добрее,исчезнут наркотики,пьянство,убийства.Спасибо Вам.Счастья,Радости и Успехов в жизни.

Тамара Смирнова

Благодарю,Янош,от всего сердца!

Ирина Рябинская

Спасибо,просто здорово!!!


Янош, благодарю родственную душу! Подскажите, где можно приобрести Вашу замечательную книгу? Я с Украины

Ksenia Pirogova

Янош! Не описать словами чувства, которые я испытала, когда читала статью!
Как будто писали про меня, мою чувствительность, мое бездействие, мое осознание этого в себе и опыт в школе тоже!!! Боже мой! Я никогда бы не подумала, что такое бывает и у Вас!
Для меня это хороший знак! Я хочу прочитать эту книгу!
Буду рада увидеть в ней и новое для себя, и то, что уже “прожила” и осознала!
Как можно приобрести книгу в России?

Тамара Сизова

Благодарю, Янош. Оказывается это очень непросто БЫТЬ СОБОЙ среди людей, разных судеб, разных жизненных опытов. Судя по Вашим переживаниям, я понимаю, что это тоже только опыт новых отношений человек-человек, и нам всем предстоит научиться быть самим открытыми для других и принимать других такими как есть. Как только наше сердце будет излучать Любовь и Свет на все 100 %, то и люди к нам сами потянутся и откроются. У меня часто бывает так, что я чувствую человека, его проблему, и посмотрев немного глубже, вижу,что там ничего “темного” нет – я просто, ничего не расспрашивая,говорю человеку: “Не переживайте вы так сильно, все пройдет, у вас впереди ВСЕ ХОРОШО!” Я знаю,что мой спокойный тон, уверенность, с которой я это говорю, делают свое благое дело.
Вообще чувствительность повышается и очень не просто порой ее реализовать….


Янош,Вы большой молодец!Поздравляю Вас от всей души и с удовольствием прочту Вашу книгу,поскольку все,что вы пишете и про меня тоже.Удачи Вам и до Встречи!Марианна М

Natali Sharapova

МЕНЯ ЭТО ОЧЕНЬ ТРОГАЕТ. Янош Благодарю!!!!!!

Улжан Айтуарова

Здравствуйте! Помогите мне, я жду очень.

Natali Sharapova

Улжан а в чем дело?(:wonder:)

Marina Kana

Янош, благодарю! Прочувствовала всем сердцем!

Leonora Shparyova

Благодарю!!!Статья меня тронула!


Благодарю! Как замечательно дарить окружающему радость в виде улыбке, в виде комплимента…. Восхитительные откровения. Янош, Благодарю!(:joy:)


Трогает до глубины Сердца, ведь все это действительно так! Скажите , а как можно заказать эту новую книгу Яноша? Будет ли она на английском ?


Благодарю!!! Многое прояснилось)) Великолепная статья!

Любовь Баскакова

Благодарю,Любимый Янош!!!Я меня это подсказка,что я делаю всё правильно!!!обнимаю своим Бесконечным Сердцем!!!


Thank you for sharing your very sacred feelings. It helps and teaches to be open to the world. I wish you a great luck!


Благодарю Янош,очень проникновенная статья созвучна моим ощущениям и ситуациям в моей жизни.Людмила.


Благодарю за разговор, интересная для меня тема.

Lana Gold



Благодарю, Янош! Статья. как всегда во время.Желаю всем открыться своей чувствительности. С любовью. Валентина.

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