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You climb to a level of consciousness, beyond the limits of intellect. Your sensitivity grows from incentives from outside: energies, symbols, instructions, inspirations, and emotions from others. It’s feels as if your senses are sharpened enabling you to see the reality even more clearly. With this sensitivity also comes responsibility, because you can grasp situations quicker than others, prepare for incidents and anticipate opposing powers.

Understand that it is also important to show your sensitivity and not to hide this within. Nobody gains anything if you keep quiet in moments when your intuition shows you otherwise. Dare to be yourself, show vulnerability and honestly share what you feel. Others can gain from your insight and when this comes from the heart, you cannot harm others.

The frequency of Sensitivity helps you to gain more insights and enables you to be more open.

I trust my sensations and the signals I pick up.



Очень очень красиво! Благодарю Вас сердечно!!!!!


Установила этот код себе как обои на телефон, второй день залипаю на нее – это так красиво и проникновенно, что все слова меркнут!!! БЕЗМЕРНО БЛАГОДАРЮ!!!

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