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Allow your deepest desire…
Breath through the Earth.

Embody the feeling
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Playing like a child, so free. We all recognize it when we look back upon our youth. Gradually we develop programs that take away our sense of freedom. We are afraid to fail, to loose, to dream and to say what is on our mind. Where we previously saw no danger at all, we now protect ourselves against all types of possible risks.
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Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.

Our energy field is like a breath; it expands and deflates. And every time it repeats we send out energy and bring new energy in. That is how we resonate with one another and the universe and share our knowledge in an immense field of consciousness. Just like breathing, it is important that you regulate this flow. Regularly take the time to attune yourself to nature and the cosmos.
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You are on the way to something bigger than yourself. Each time you make contact, you get a bit closer. In this growth process you make contact more frequently with the spiritual world. You experience a feeling of freedom, of coming home.
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Do you feel that it is time to take control over your mind and your life? To light your inner fire, passion and power.

This frequency opens the space for your inner fire and awakens your calling and passion. It gives you inspiration and courage to take steps which fit with you.
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Inner Compas

Navigating by trusting what you feel deep within. Sometimes it’s the most illogical choices which eventually lead to where we really want to go.

The powerful geometric code of Inner compass helps you to better navigate to the ultimate destination in your life. Where you have been emotionally drawn to for a long time. It helps you to see the path towards your dream.

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The source of everything that’s beautiful in your life, as well as the remedy against hatred, greed and hardness. Love makes visible what is real and what you need to cherish.

You are love. You Just have to remember.
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Self Love Healing

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You are never really lost in life. There are always signs to be found that bring you back onto your path to true happiness.
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Frequency: Mastership | Mastery

All the fears and phobias that we know can lead back the six primary basic fears: rejection, illness, poverty, solitude, growing older and death. In the recognition and transcending of these fears lies the key to mastership.
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You are in a process of change and authenticity is the solution. You are challenged to make contact with who you really are and this demands that you have to let go of prevailing opinions. This can be a difficult process, because in the energy of duality and competition we are constantly focused on others.
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