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Daniel Rudakov

Being a creative person I’m keen on photography, web-design, photo and video collages, poetry…

I’m participating in seminars and self-development trainings, as well as I’m a co-creator of several internet-projects and do their promotion. 

It’s fun and joy for me to create things all night long: tune perfectly each page in a web-project or take sudden a snapshot of a spider in the beams of rising sun or enjoy reflection of the Universe in the dew drops.

I believe that each job can bring joy if you create it with joy and put your soul in it.

All my projects realized both in automation and web-design and photography are valuable.

Spirit has connected me with Janosh in 2006. Together with my partner we’ve been inspired by holograms in the internet and decided to make first website in Russian, so that people in Russia could meet Janosh’s artwork. When Janosh found out that website by search engine accidentally he was very surprised and interested in the same time by the fact that someone in Russia made translations and published his codes…

Several years later my friend invited Janosh to Russia and and asked me to become one of organizers. It was so great to meet Janosh in person, he introduced me to a world of Sacred geometry through his work and to the energy of the Arcturians – creatures leaving such beautiful messages in crop circles all over the world. 

The team of Janosh’s organizers changed, but I’m lucky to stay in this project for all these years and to become an organizer of a seminar in the Baltics in 2012. I feel arcturian energy very often when I create things with the codes like videos or information publishing at the website.

To my mind everything goes very well!

With best regards and gratitude for your “here and now”,

Daniel Rudakov