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Liza Orlova

Liza is our translator (from English to Russian language), a talented designer and a great ideas creator. Almost all articles on as well as online webinars and Janosh seminar in Riga – are investment of her hands, heart and soul. Liza was at the origin of the project, and up to this day she is the main inspirer of progress and expansion of our joint creation. We thank you for being with us!

What I do is called self-development and self-actualization, self-creation and self-realization, and I explore different directions (methods, ways and practices) to find out answers on questions that many people are searching for: who am I, where am I going, what is life, how can I make my life happy and joyful, etc.

I can specify those directions as follows:

| Private consulting (coaching) with people who stuck in their life and can’t find the way out or find answers. Thanks to an empathy (high sensitivity) I feel people very well, this quality helps me understand those who applies to me and give right direction to solve their problems. I use regressive therapy, past-life research, deep level recollection techniques to give person an emotional relieve, as well as simple breathe techniques in my work.

| Web designer. Most of my clients are people working in the sphere of personal, spiritual or mental development, those who find difficulties with technical side of making own website. It’s a fun for me and relieve for customers.

| Co-Creation of Life is my own project which was made for joy and self-expression. And for those people who seek to explore, expand and express themselves, to develop positive thinking, to work with consciousness and sub-consciousness in order to understand themselves and surroundings better, to solve problems, to take responsibility in own hands and start living a life full of joy and happiness. More about the project is available here:

| Translations of metaphysical texts and seminars into Russian language (partially into Latvian). It all started with the StarchildGlobal project and Celia Fenn (channeler of Archangel Michael) and contonued in Janosh in the Baltics.

| Janosh in the Baltics

Our team presented Janosh and his artworks in Riga in October, 2012. That was the first time when I did live translation of the seminar. My joy was awesome and I feel great gratitude to both Janosh and Daniel for such a wonderful collaboration. I really enjoyed every moment of this important for us and for our country event. Thanks to my good former experience in publishing industry it was my duty to make design for web and printing production.

We also made a special Joy Calendar for 2013, and I took part in its creation and publishing.

This project keeps evolving and together with Daniel Rudakov we’re organizing the club called Solaris, where we hold meetings and show participants how to work with sub-consciousness and transform consciousness.

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