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Solving the inner struggle between a human and a soul by allowing desires to merge with one another. The need for safety and security which typifies a human, may go together with the thirst for adventure of the soul.

Where opposing powers come together, this is a battle. There are judgments, criticisms and beliefs that hold another at a distance. Look beyond the battle and you see the underlying process. Then you can see how the parties are mirroring one another: they miss what makes the other strong.

Obtaining this power does not happen by exchanging knowledge, but through osmosis. It is the blending of worlds, from which a new experience happens. This is only possible if you are prepared to release your old beliefs and begin a dialogue with confidence. Allow yourself to be inspired by the power of the other. Don’t keep your own power only for yourself.

The frequency of Osmosis helps you to bring the best, in yourself and the other, to the surface and together blend into something new.

How to use…

  • Relax your body and follow your breathing.
  • Click on the image to enlarge.
  • Focus for several minutes on the centre.
  • Then close your eyes to absorb the frequency.
  • Open your eyes again and stay in silence for a while.



Благодарю от сердца.


Запись медитации и коллективной сонастройки с энергией недели “ОСМОС” (от 12.09.2022)

Буду благодарен за обратную связь.

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