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For more than a week I have heard the word ‘osmosis’ in my mind. I looked it up and actually it did not make me any wiser. It is a scientific understanding that represents the mutual blending of two substances with one another, which does not really mean a lot to me. I see a huge battle between two opposites, who cannot exist with, or without, one another. They are perfectly in balance, but they also reject one another. Until the moment when the two of them realize that they both have magic, just like red and blue mix to a beautiful purple. The best of both worlds I might say.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary Osmosis: the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge etc.

Now I have made the new code Osmosis, I think I can explain better how this works and why this is an important theme for 2019.

2018 The year of Synergy

At the end of 2018 I really felt the energy of Synergy arriving. It was an inspiration: the world is going to unite for a higher purpose. When I look back on the year, there has been more evidence of this. All over the world we are busy with assignments that are much ‘bigger’ than the problems of the ‘little me’. Think about sustainability, equality and a lovely interpretation like ‘inclusiveness’. The success of the individual is becoming less and less; it is becoming much more important about the world we leave behind for future generations. People pay attention to what they buy, consume, if it has an approved trademark, or if it will not have any damage on the environment. People seem to use social media as a channel to spread wisdom and less as a forum of the catwalk. It is a beautiful development which I want to support and I really feel drawn to play my part with what I do: inspiring people to take their next step in consciousness.

At the beginning of January 2018 I took this theme, Synergy, all over the country. I have presented this in more than 20 theatres, cinemas and meeting rooms. Virtually every place was full and that gave me the confirmation that this theme lives. There is a demand for this consciousness. The themes, the activations, and the texts: they touch people. And probably me the most. Each and every time I press ‘START’ I began to enjoy it again. Being able to speak freely about ‘US’ and sharing love and harmony – I did this for years, but never with as much animation as now.

To give the theme more substance, I designed a workshop that had to answer the question: what does synergy feel like? And what can you do with it? Simply speaking it is living your truth in the bigger entirety. You say what you think is important to strive towards – a sustainable world, a non-violent community etc – and you adjust your attitude and behaviour to it. That can be in many ways, from splitting up your rubbish to starting up a political movement.

A change

At the end of 2018, I suddenly felt everything shift. Something else had been set free: an energy, which I did not expect. It feels like the next step upwards from Synergy, even though this may sound a bit strange. But all the same I mean the intensity. The feeling was vague and because I just could not grab hold of it, I came into a sort of ‘no man’s land’. I did not know where I was going anymore. Everything seemed to be more and more difficult. The creativity became less and I went inside more and more. All around me I felt frustrations and what shocked me the most was the news that came out last month …

About 1 in 5 people in The Netherlands are at home with a burnout! My Goodness! Is that why I am working so hard with personal inspiration and renewal? I was completely in shock. How is it possible that we are all in such a bad way? People are talking about a new crisis, a burn out epidemic that costs about 20 billion Euros every year! And suddenly I realized what I had to do again and that was: the absolute basics: how do I control my emotions? How can I cope with stress and fear of failing? No more big questions. No more big comments about our evolutionary path. It is all about reducing stress, controlling energy, sleeping better, eating healthier, going through the day with pleasure. In my private sessions there was more need for this too.

I have turned things around with the e-book Energetically Fit. Simple and back to basics, with the message that we have to be more aware about our energy and daily patterns. Make more space for silence. More moments for reflection. More rest during the night. Less high expectations. It feels good to do this and still … I do not completely understand the change. We had already passed by this station hadn’t we?

2019: the year of Osmosis

Now at the end of 2018 something suddenly happened. I heard the word ‘osmosis’ I knew immediately that it had something to say to me. What I see are two opposites who know how they can inspire one another, where their power lies and how to blend this together, so that something really new can happen. The challenge lies in releasing the underlying competiveness, so that judgements fall aside. You create the ‘best of both worlds’, which then develops into a collaboration. It goes beyond synergy. You share one another’s space. Two opinions become one. Two visions are merged. A third frequency shows what two opposites are supposedly missing. A sort of magic occurs!

What does that look like? Place a ballerina with a tough boxer in one space and you will discover soon enough. The two of them will reject one another at first; will want to fall back on their power and habits. They will want to convince the other about said power and habits. There will be resistance, from both sides. The ballerina will talk about more suppleness; the boxer will want to talk about powerful movements. When both opposites realize that they have not been brought together for their individual improvements, but by merging their worlds, something new happens. Something, which no one could have ever realized. A box-dance. A rhythmical style of fighting. A sort of choreographic duel. Give it any name. I call it: MAGIC!

‘Spiritainment’ – Osmosis live in action

Do you want to know what osmosis feels like? I started it up without realising. On the 21st December it will get its form. It is something that I could not name beforehand – I just purely followed my feeling – until someone whispered the word: “Spiritainment’. In Amsterdam I am going to bring two worlds together, which in principle are one another’s opposites. Spirituality on the one hand, in which everything is about silence, depth, and the inner world. On the other hand, entertainment, which is all about the show, the expression and the outside. They are two different worlds that during the evening will merge together with magic as the result.

The wish that I have for this special evening is that together, we welcome 2019 in with a renewed vision. That we take spirituality out of the ‘corner of damnation’ and mix it with the living power of entertainment. To all of you who want to discover your sensitive side, who want more depth in their life, want to know more and why you are really here … even it those of you who find it difficult to express yourself, to be able to show your sensitive side, to show your spiritual side or are ashamed of it, then I say: You cannot miss this. Ensure that you are there. Together we are going to begin something new.

Look at the new code Osmosis. The activation will be live op the 21st December 2018.

From heart to heart,

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