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Card VI – The Return with its emotion Promise

What this card wants to tell you:

This card shows that you often fall back into old pitfalls. You regularly dejectedly ask yourself “Why am I back here again?!” Or “Why me, all the time?” Situations and lessons repeat themselves more often than not. This is usually enhanced by the emotional significance of this card.

The Grail code with this card:

The emotional significance of this card is Promise. This means that you keep holding onto earlier choices, and are afraid of big change. You like to stick to old beliefs, even if this does not feel right. This is something you know too well and therefore it feels safe. In other words, you made a promise to yourself and whatever happens you’ll stick to.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge to realize that sometimes you make choices based on knowledge and experiences at that moment. But you grow, gain more knowledge and encounter more experiences. By now you probably would have made other decisions. So then, do not condemn yourself about those earlier choices. However, do not stick to the old ones. Adjust these choices on the basis of advancing your understanding so that they feel more comfortable with where you are now, even if you sometimes have to disappoint others.