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Card VII – The Veil with its emotion Ignorance

“The Holy Grail stands for a quest towards yourself, towards your own power, towards who you are, where you come from and where you are going. The Grail inspirers you on a subconscious level to search for yourself.” Saïe.

What does this card tell you?

This card indicates that you don’t dare speak your mind completely. You swallow a lot of emotions for the sweet peace. You don’t express what you really want or what you don’t want. Therefore you express yourself differently from who you really are. As it were, the real YOU is covered by a veil. Maybe you’re afraid to be rejected sometimes and not recognized all the time? Remember this is a consequence of how you present yourself. This is not equal to who you really are. How can someone else see you at full value?

The Grail Code to this card:

The emotional significance of this card is Ignorance. If you think back to a choice you´ve made last month, you now might take a very different one. The meaning of information or understanding changes us as we develop ourselves further. It is your pitfall to feel guilty about choices you’ve made or didn’t make. Realize that you were ‘ignorant’ then. You are hard on yourself and judge yourself easily. But do yourself a favour and be grateful for the new insights you have received. You have expanded your consciousness. From now on each new option allows you to adjust and choose again.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge not only to forgive yourself, but also to forgive others in which you feel disappointment and/or are angry with. But then, that person is also acting or has acted in his or her ignorance at that time.