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About Janosh

In 2003, when Janosh decided to meditate during the Harmonic Concordance, something unexpected happened. According to astrological calculations a powerful energy was predicted, but Janosh got more than he bargained for. Afterwards suddenly three-dimensional shapes appeared in front him, transparent, in the most wonderful colours. At that time Janosh worked as an advertising designer and he used his skills to recreate these shapes on the computer. And so his first creations, he calls holograms, came into being and were shared via internet. 

Before long the first reactions were pouring in. To his amazement Janosh discovered that his art exactly matched newly discovered crop circles he had no knowledge of. On top of that he received information about the meaning of these shapes, something that had not been obtained before. Shortly thereafter the messenger made himself known to Janosh. It was a voice, introducing himself as Saïe, a multi-dimensional being from a different dimension. The holograms are given as ‘codes’, because they each have their own meaning with an unique vibrational frequency to activate hidden strengths in ourselves.

During conversation with Saïe, Janosh learned that humanity is on the way to a higher consciousness. Our evolution on Earth is accelerating and the space-time continuum is coming to an end. During this Great Shift, we are being accompanied by a group of highly developed souls, who call themselves the Arcturians. Within this circle, Saïe is one of the Circle makers. He explains that the crop circles are part of a visual communication to awaken humanity. These geometric codes allow us to make contact with other worlds and thus increasing the frequency of our consciousness.

Now, in 2013, Janosh has become an inspirator to many people around the world. His translations of the codes are thankfully being received and shared worldwide. Janosh provides the ultimate experience with his activations, travelling the world. Highlights were his presentations at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, in 2006 and 2007. He was the first Dutchman to be holding a presentation for UN staff and personnel. Janosh has been on tour in America, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and Australia. It is his mission to assist as many people as possible to get to a higher level of consciousness, enabling us to do impossible things and discover who we really are.


Бота Каримова


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