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Card V: The Gambler with its Emotion Responsibility

What this card wants to tell you:

This card shows that everything you hear or experience you interpret as truth. You are gambling that it should be your truth as well. You do not follow your own intuition and your self-confidence is low. You think someone else often knows better. Therefore you are inclined to follow someone else’s truth, neglecting your own sentiment, your own processes. Your reactions are often naive and regularly you make decisions which keep you away from your own true goals. Read more…

Card IV – The Future with the emotion Expansion

What does this card tell you:

This card indicates that most of the time you live in the future and are not really grounded. On the one hand it feels very good to, for instance, be working with spirituality and the amplification of your consciousness. It broadens your awareness about who you are. But don’t forget the NOW-moment. Usually it will not be one big   decision or one single event that determines your future. More likely it is  a chain of small NOW-moments which are of great influence to people, situations and events that are attracting you. How do you feel NOW? Read more…

Card II – The Tester with its emotion Repetition

What this card is telling you:

This card tells you that you are always searching for your boundaries, but at the same time you go around your own ‘blind spots’. You involve ‘insights’ not on yourself but to someone else. Involuntarily you are once again testing your own boundaries but all the time you are looking outwards and still ask yourself how the outside world would think about you and how others look at you. So, a vicious circle… Read more…