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Grail Codes. The Actor with its Emotion Consequences

What does this card tell you?

This card wants to express that you are not sure who you really are. Somewhere you feel that you present yourself in a different way.  Like an actor who plays what is written in the script. The script is a symbol of the surroundings, which shaped you as well. This gives a vision of who you think you are, how you are, and what you want. You are not doing this consciously; it has to do with old programs or traumas. When you perceive or feel that this part is no longer truthful with the person you really want to be. Please realize that you are the playwright of your own script! Often you say: ‘I can’t do that,’ ‘I’m not ready yet,’ etc. This is being fed by a lower self-esteem, because you created a unique vision of who you are. Read more…

Grail Codes. Card XI – The Sleeper with its Emotion Revelation

What does this card tell you:

This card shows it is time to ‘wake up’. You underestimate yourself and your self-confidence is low, therefore you do not find yourself 100% in your own power. You rather trust the wisdom of someone else than following your own intuition. What would happen if the sleeping part of you wakes up and takes its place? Read more…


Often people in your surroundings have different opinions to yours. When it only concerns one person, you can often discuss this. When there are more people who disagree, it becomes another story.
Read more…

Sacred Geometry- In-PHI-nite-Fractals

Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology. Read more…

“Sacred Geometry by Janosh”. Meeting-presentations

Ancient Greek philosopher Plato would say: “Geometry leads the soul to the truth”. The same conclusion was made by Janosh when in 2003 he visualized numerous beautiful shapes and heard information about their meaning. Since then he has been traveling around the world demonstrating how Sacred Geometry works on the soul level.

Geometry is not the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of the soul. Geometry is rather associated with something rational and soulless. But only at first glance. Janosh calls geometry “the language of light”. Light is energy and everything in creation consists of energy. The Universe is built according to certain geometric laws that act on any level, take the stars in the sky or cells of our bodies.

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Crop circles – mystery or encryption?

In our quest for answers it seems as if we are being handed pieces of the puzzle here and there, for example in England. Every year people are witnessing unexplained phenomena. Peculiar shapes in all sorts of sizes have been discovered in the grain fields in the countryside, called crop circles. These are patterns in a crop of wheat, rapeseed, rice, etc. Sometimes they are simple. Other times they are complex. No one knows how they are made. What we do know is that they appear overnight. Read more…

Grail Codes. Janosh

For centuries people have been fascinated by the Quest for the Holy Grail. With the help of these unique Grail Codes the true meaning of this search will become more clear and recognizable. And the answer to what it is that we have been looking for all along will manifest itself.

The theme of Grail Codes is: Release yourself. Learn to listen to your own feeling, your own truth. Read more…

The Power of Sacred Geometry of Janosh

Holograms – Janosh

Music – Benjamin van der Slijus

Edition – Daniel Rudakov

DVD “Arcturian Frequencies”

Arcturian Frequencies offer a revolutionary Multimedia Experience, which touches anyone who watches it at the deepest level. Many have already experienced this. Immersed in beautiful holograms, each containing the universal language of Sacred Geometry, you will get a profound and inspiring insight into how you live your life. Read more…

CD Sonic Activation

The geometry of Janosh translated into music!

Experience at home the power of the activations with this very special CD release. Ten tracks of inspiring tones with the energy of the matching holograms. Enjoy over one hour of splendid meditation music produced in the healing frequency of 432 Hz. This is the vibration velocity or ‘pitch voice’ of the musical note A above middle C. This idle tone vibrates on a universal frequency in proportion to the natural ground tone (1 vibration per second).  Read more…

Janosh column “Natural Time”

Those of you who know my work, know that every hologram has an influence on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher hidden information within yourself. Every code contains information of a certain frequency, or to be more specific, a vibrational energy which resonates with our senses. In my columns, connected to the latest codes, I describe my experience connected to these frequencies. Every month I take on a code that is most prominent at the time and I share my opinion on our development within this theme.

Natural time

I am pleased toshare with you anothercolumn. I have taken a two months break from writing a column, partly because of the holiday period, partly because of preparations for the new season. Also, I needed to create an overview for myself, which has provided me with many new insights, the most important of which has to do with the concept of time. Read more…