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Book “Wake up your DNA!”

In everyday life we often forget how special we are as human beings. This unique Art book by Janosh has the potential to change that forever. In the more than 70 holograms with geometric patterns, the colors splash off the page and are not only pleasing to the eye, but also communicate to us at soul level through the heart.
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God meets God: Now as E-book in English

God meets God helps you to remember what we all have been searching for through the centuries. It opens your eyes to see something you have never been allowed to see before: the secret of our existence on Earth. The book gives answers why we live in separateness, why failure and rejection are our biggest stumbling blocks and where our desire for unconditional love is based upon. No new wisdom, or dogma’s just acknowledged symbols, which, form the pieces of the puzzle that only the soul can complete. Everything has a reason and nothing happens by coincidence. If you feel you are ready for the truth, to remember who you are and where your soul path is leading do, be prepared: afterwards there is no way back.

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Geometry and the Quest for the Holy Grail

For centuries people have been fascinated by the Quest for the Holy Grail. With the help of these unique Grail Codes the true meaning of this search will become more clear and recognizable. And the answer to what it is that we have been looking for all along will manifest itself.

The theme of this box is: Release yourself. Learn to listen to your own feeling, your own truth. Read more…

Aura Sprays, Essential Oils and Roll On

Specially for sensitive people Janosh developed a range of Aura Sprays, containing unique geometric codes. These sprays provide a protective shield around your aura, cleanse the aura and the surrounding environment as well. This way you will be able to maintain your own frequency, keep up your energy levels and stay in touch with yourself.

The Roll On has the same effect as the Aura Spray. It is easy to take with you and you always have it at hand. Roll it on your left wrist. Then rub your two wrists together so you will have the oil on both wrists. The oil will be effective and will influence your energy field.

The fragrance of Essential Oils improve your health. Essential oils are aromatic or fragrant oils extracted from plants. The Essential Oils by Janosh are 100% natural pure oils, available in a 10 ml bottle. Read more…

DVD “Arcturian Frequencies”

Arcturian Frequencies offer a revolutionary Multimedia Experience, which touches anyone who watches it at the deepest level. Many have already experienced this. Immersed in beautiful holograms, each containing the universal language of Sacred Geometry, you will get a profound and inspiring insight into how you live your life. Read more…

CD Sonic Activation

The geometry of Janosh translated into music!

Experience at home the power of the activations with this very special CD release. Ten tracks of inspiring tones with the energy of the matching holograms. Enjoy over one hour of splendid meditation music produced in the healing frequency of 432 Hz. This is the vibration velocity or ‘pitch voice’ of the musical note A above middle C. This idle tone vibrates on a universal frequency in proportion to the natural ground tone (1 vibration per second).  Read more…