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Book “Wake up your DNA!”

In everyday life we often forget how special we are as human beings. This unique Art book by Janosh has the potential to change that forever. In the more than 70 holograms with geometric patterns, the colors splash off the page and are not only pleasing to the eye, but also communicate to us at soul level through the heart.

Passion, Release, Intuition and Empowerment. These are just a few of the messages the codes in this book transmit to our subconscious. Janosh calls the holograms (which often appear as crop circles too) The key to our divine potential. How exactly that works, is explained in an accessible manner in the accompanying text in the book.

Essentially sacred geometry forms the architecture of all creation.The most amazing and wonderful insight in this book is perhaps the realization that you and I ARE geometry. This means that if you become aware of your creativity and how to use it, you can achieve anything you want in life. So prepare for huge transformations! With an inspiring preface by Paul de Blot S.J., the first professor of Business Spirituality at Nyenrode University (The Netherlands).

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