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You are unsure about your future. The fear of losing is growing within you. Time after time, you put yourself in situations that always wind up disappointing you. And that is making you unsure of yourself and impatient about getting out of these situations. So you’re thinking about making drastic changes. But impulsive decisions are not the solution. They will only create more tension and will undermine or even destroy the good that you have already built up in your life.

Relax and take a step back. Stop these thoughts that are coming from outside of you and remember how much stronger you are without these kinds of distractions. Don’t waste your energy on re-thinking past choices. Focus on the choices you now have to make. Something feels right or it doesn’t – that’s all the information you need to make the right choice in any given moment.

The frequency of Essence helps you to regain the trust in yourself by letting all the noise around you — from outside of you — disappear.

Affirmation: I trust in the wisdom of my soul.


Alexandra Lyashchenko

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