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Meditation: Passion

Know that you are able to create anything you want. You determine what your future will look like. You can turn your dream into reality when you create it from passion, without fear and most of all from the heart. The frequency of Passion will help you to reach that passion and realize that you are capable of anything when it’s done with passion. Read more…

Activation: New Born Time

The frequency of New Born Time helps you to synchronise the male and female energy within and raise your overall frequency.

Meditation: Forgiveness

The frequency of Forgiveness helps you to find the strength to forgive yourself for whatever judgement you impose on yourself.

Forgive yourself because you act based on the knowledge you have at a certain moment in time. You can do nothing wrong. Forgiveness shows you there is nothing to forgive.

DVD “Arcturian Frequencies”

Arcturian Frequencies offer a revolutionary Multimedia Experience, which touches anyone who watches it at the deepest level. Many have already experienced this. Immersed in beautiful holograms, each containing the universal language of Sacred Geometry, you will get a profound and inspiring insight into how you live your life. Read more…

Activation: Liberation (RUS)

You came into this world as a child, pure and loving. You laughed when you were happy, you cried when you were afraid. Love and fear were the only emotions you knew, which made everything simple.  As you got older, you learned that love was equal to pain. You were rejected increasingly, because not everyone wanted to be your friend. There were rules for what you could and could not do and if you didn’t follow the rules, you were punished. Thus the freedom that you once had as a child, was slowly taken away from you. The years have taught you that freedom is something that you must earn; something you  must work for. You know no different than having to meet certain demands before you get recognition.

Read more…