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Who are we? What are we doing here? What is the essence of our existence? These are questions that inspired Janosh to allow people to uncover this for themselves. Janosh’s unique creations stem from his fascination for the way life works. He finds his motivation in the knowledge that the contemporary human being is capable of a lot more than we think. Which brings us to the question: how can we get more out of our life?

Janosh discovered his answer by means of creating a unique form of Art; Geometric holograms, which help activate hidden qualities in the subconscious. His guide Saïe, a Being of Light from a different dimension, led hem through the process of understanding this process. Saïe gives information about new frequencies of energy that reach our Earth, which are being translated by Janosh into his art, literature and sessions.

The knowledge of geometry is crucial. That is the very foundation of Janosh’ holograms, in which he presents an ancient technique of becoming aware in a new way. From simple dimensions to very complex shapes; in his art all sorts of geometric patterns are interwoven. Due to the effect on the subconscious, creating art for Janosh is not just a matter of design. Each hologram has a specific energy which can’t be translated into a piece of art just like that. Janosh says about this: “Often I have to truly experience a code myself first, before I can create it.”

Janosh acquires additional inspiration from social subjects of philosophy, religion, science and Holy Scripts. Also in his multimedia shows he regularly links to ancient cultures, including Mayans, Inca’s, Egyptians, Celts, Greeks and the mysterious peoples of Atlantis. Janosh focuses on cosmic knowledge these civilizations have left behind, in which the 2012 prophecy of the ancient Maya civilization plays an important role.


Ljubov Korobeinikova

Cказочные голограммы, восхитительные!

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