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Janosh column “The final jump”

Those of you who know my work, know that every hologram has an influence on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher hidden information within yourself. Every code contains information of a certain frequency, or to be more specific, a vibrational energy which resonates with our senses. In my columns, connected to the latest codes, I describe my experience connected to these frequencies. Every month I take on a code that is most prominent at the time and I share my opinion on our development within this theme.

The final jump

For years we have been living towards the magical 2012 and now the first three months are already over. Sometimes, it seems that time just slips through our fingers. We have no grip on it. Today still I see, read, hear that many people wonder what this year will bring. What did we anticipate all this time? What is bubbling beneath the surface? What is the coded message in the calendars of the Mayans? When I think about it, I have to smile somehow. If I look at it purely down to earth, I find it comical that primitive Indians who once lived in the rainforests made that mysterious prediction, the one the world is now waiting for to happen. We have television, computers, internet, media and technical vehicles to move ourselves through time zones and even into space, but still we don’t seem to understand those strange shamans from thousands of years ago.

Crazy thought, isn’t it? At such a moment I wonder why we are being so preoccupied with this. You will have reading pleasure for the rest of the year, when following the forums on the internet, because the 2012-prophecy is a hot item. There is talk of the fifth dimension, the return of the Savior on Earth, but also about catastrophes like natural disasters or a new ice age. The spiritual market reigns with all the attention 2012 is getting. I cannot get my mind around it. Today I found out that if you Google the search term ‘ 2012 ‘, my column about this theme appears on the first page. Bizarre when you consider that I’ve been doing this work for eight years now and most codes are not viewed half as many times as this article.

Although I prefer not to cling to the theme 2012, because my true passion does not stop after this year is over, I am also happy with this. I hope that as many people as possible will be inspired by my column about the Mayan prophecy. I want to empower people by telling them that this is the best time to create your own dream. Of course I share the feeling that something special is going to happen this year, but I repeat: it doesn’t happen if we wait for it to happen. Truth doesn’t exist, because it is up to us to find the truth within ourselves.

A roller coaster of emotions

I could go on writing about the Mayans endlessly, but let’s stay close to ourselves. What do we feel? I read many posts of people who frequently suffer from headaches, fatigue, stress or feelings of pain, sadness, fear or doubt. There is confusion, because we do not know this. It seems as though the body gives us signals we don’t understand. It is as if it fights against a turnaround that is not clear or is difficult to put into words. If I speak for myself, it’s like I am on a roller coaster of emotions. The last month there were a good few sharp turns that threw me completely of balance. I thought I had found my true power and I had the idea that I was already there, but suddenly I was thrown back on myself. It was a though process I went through again.

Sometimes I say something which I actually don’t fully understand. It feels completely true when I say it; it is only later on when it becomes clear what it actually means. It seems as though my heart speaks, while my mind isn’t there yet. So I’ve shared my truth in the last column, where I insisted that we must stop to explain to each other how life works. That we don’t look for the truth, because the truth doesn’t exist. In order for us to be able to inspire each other to love, we have to go back to our feeling and dare to be vulnerable.

At the time I posted the column, it felt just right. However, two weeks later I saw what I had put it in motion. From different corners I received messages from people who did not understand me. I had ruffled some feathers amongst a circle of people who have been following me for a long time and they suddenly felt rejected. I didn’t see this coming. At the same time, I had mixed feelings; I had been completely honest and that was good, but I had also created confusion, which was not my intention.

Final turning point

Saïe, my guide, had inspired me to jump into the deep end. There were no questions left to ask anymore, nothing more to formulate or wanting to understand; just to start living my own truth. On the way I would find out and see what would happen. Now is the time to go for it, otherwise I would lose the opportunity to claim my true power. In the beginning of this year, I have felt the start of a new energy. The frequencies on Earth are increasing so drastically, which creates opportunities for us to make special things happen within a short period of time. The only way to achieve a definite turning point is to jump, to abandon everything and live from the heart.

To motivate people to do this, I’ve worked hard this year on developing and offering new inspirational tools to help start this flow. I have developed The 5D Challenge, Rise ‘n Shine and put people on the spot “Refinement to Ascension” in Utrecht. I myself jumped, not knowing what the future had in store for me, but I went for it. I am striving for a new phase with new projects, resources and events. I want to embrace the energy of 2012 in order to experience ultimate freedom. From now I don’t want to hold back anymore; I want to live and speak from the heart in all that I do.

What is my focus now?

This past week everything changed. Suddenly I had my doubts: what is my focus now? Do I prefer to focus on the people who jumped with me and travel with them into the unknown? Or do I take time to look back to find out if there are still people on the diving board? Thus I reached an important insight. One of the participants of the online workshop described it as follows:

“To run to the finish by myself and shout ‘ yoo-hoo ‘ whilst waiting for the rest, is less fulfilling than to join each other and walk this road together.”

I couldn’t have worded it better myself. Although I don’t like to look back, I don’t want to walk this road by myself either. We do it together or not. The world needs our joint energy. What happens at the end of 2012 depends on you and me. If you choose for love, there is someone else who can experience this love. If you choose for joy there is someone else who feels this joy. We are interconnected and thus responsible for each other. But if nobody jumps, if no one dares to choose to live from his or her heart, we glide down further and further into the abyss of our shadow. Then fear will become our master and our history of war, pain, hatred and sorrow has been in vain.

Are the doomsayers going to be right? Will this beautiful planet end up in chaos? I may dare to be vulnerable myself, but this fear occasionally creeps up on me. From my deepest desire, I would like to transform this world into peace and love, but when my thinking gets the upper hand, I wonder whether this is really possible. Is it really as easy as ridding yourself of fear, if afterwards you see that nobody is joining you? That the mass is still imprisoned in a victim role and the people around them keep watching what happens to them? How do you get everyone involved? How does one start the energy of love and surrender?

An old friend

This is the point where I feel that I’m going to be emotional. It requires much strength to write this, but I’ve decided to share everything – just beautiful stories will not get to the core. An old friend inspired me to not give up. It hurts me to tell you that he is leaving this world soon, because he is dying. I often go and visit and I always look forward to it. Although his body slowly deteriorates, I see an indescribable love in his eyes. You could say that it is not of this world: so pure and powerful. It touches me, every time.

The last time I visited him, he was sitting in his lawn chair, looking outside. There was a peaceful look in his eyes, and I noticed that he was pleased to see me. I came to say goodbye because I was leaving for Moscow for a week, where I was going to hold presentations and private sessions. We talked about everything, I mostly listened actually. My friend speaks passionately and says things out of the blue, that make you think for weeks. This time also I felt that passion in his voice when he started telling about his past; all that he had experienced and what experience he gained. I got completely absorbed in his stories.

All of a sudden my friend touched something inside me. Without any detour he touched my deepest soul. He said: “you have to be straight.” He repeated it a number of times and with those words he said much more than it suggests. In his eyes I saw the truth. He wanted to tell me that I had to show my love for the world. Not only to the people who sympathize with me or understand me, but to everyone. Moved by his words I said farewell: I was ready for my trip to Russia.

Love and pain

I had barely left the airport in Moscow when I got the feeling something was about to happen. I got a strange gut feeling and I did not know where it came from. I am normally able to feel what my body wants to tell me, but this time I couldn’t put my finger on it. There was something brewing, but I didn’t know what it was. It was soon to become clear, because at the first presentation I felt an enormous surge of power inside of me. After the choice moment during “”Refinement to Ascension” (please see my previous column), I had planned over an hour for improvisation. I wanted to put myself on the spot by deliberately not preparing anything beforehand. I would just have to start talking and the answers would follow just like that.

Together with my interpreter I stood in front of the audience and I felt she was going along with me. What I say in English can’t be translated literally for the Russian public, because they would then miss out on the energy of my words. Fortunately I have a permanent interpreter who translates very well and even copies my walking back and forth on stage. Strengthened by her presence, but certainly also by my right hand Benjamin, I could let completely surrender…

The child in us

I started telling about my childhood, during which I’ve experienced a lot of pain. Every time I spoke from my heart, I was punished. I was told to behave normal or I had to do or things I could not understand because I was still too young. So I’ve learned that if I shared my love, I could only get hurt. When my heart opened too wide, someone else would cut me with another knife. To protect myself, I developed a behavioral program which enabled me to keep people at a distance, so I didn’t have to experience that pain again. It resulted in a fear of rejection, because I learned that love was associated with pain. Yet I always endeavored to liberate myself again; to disable my basic program and to feel free to just say and do what I want. My entire life I have been looking forward to the day to allow everybody in again, just like when I was a child. I wanted to be able to look someone in the eyes pure and honest, telling them I love them and only experience that indescribable feeling of unconditional love. I wanted to be Straight… just myself, as I once was.

Ask yourself this: why does the entire room light up when we see a small child playing? What is it that makes us all smile as those tender eyes gaze at us? What we see is not only the child. We see a memory. We recognize what we lost when we were growing up and what we are subconsciously longing for to return. It’s that beautiful, vulnerable piece that we have hidden away deep in ourselves, the true face that is tucked away behind our mask; unconditional love. This message arrived at the Russian public on a deep level. I asked the people whether they wanted to share their story and five people got up and shared their story in front of the audience, full of vulnerability. It was beautiful and for me an important moment during which I realized again that we are One. We all struggle with the same thing, because we have forgotten what it is like to speak from our hearts. We have forgotten how it felt to be a child.

Stand beside me

I have expressed my feelings, I’m going to do this more often and inspire others to live this message. Last month, I asked everyone to no longer follow me, but that message missed an essential addition: follow me no more, but come and stand beside me. Share your love, share your heart. Care about yourself, for I also care about you. Together we can heal this world. We owe it to our fellow man, now that we know what matters in life.

This makes my truth complete and my desire to shout it out is even bigger: ‘Jump with me! Jump! ‘ It is so special, so powerful if you surrender! Of course it’s also scary, I know, because then there is no going back. But I assure you that if you actually choose for unconditional love, you’ll never want to go back. It will bring you everything your heart is longing for and that is what it is all about after all.

With this I give you my final conclusion for the theme 2012: we all decide what is going to happen. From our own energy we determine where we are going. Each one of us is a small particle of the God that we are together. Heaven on Earth is what we can create together if we connect. So ask yourself: where do you stand now? What do you want? Whichever path you choose, you always end up making the most simple choice we can make in this life: fear or love. I have mentioned it many times before, but only now I truly understand what it really means – the difference between separateness and togetherness.

Fresh Start Fun

Maybe you’re not ready to jump in the deep and that is alright. What matters is that you are going to look at things differently, because you are almost there. You’re a precursor. They say: it is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. I think that is an illusion. I would prefer to say: anticipation of the fun is most enjoyable! As I look back to my experiences in Moscow I could have jumped much earlier, but perhaps, subconsciously, I briefly wanted to hold people in suspense. Just like an artist who knows that he must go on stage, but remains behind the curtains for a moment just to listen to the whispering sound of his audience.

Try and see fear like fun for the fresh start (see agenda). It may not always be fun, but if you know that something insanely beautiful is waiting for you, it gets another meaning. Free the child in you from the prison. Free the child and experience that unconditional love heals everything, starting with you. Let’s jump together and put this dark world into the light.

I give you my heart, because that brings me to mine.

From heart to heart,


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БЛАГОДАРЮ ЯНОШ ,что дал мне возможность понять себя больше,а это дорогого стоит.(:smile:)


Очень рада знакомству. Я долго вас искала и когда я увидела ваши знаки и чудесную музыку- был настоящий восторг. Мне это очень близко и родное. Спасибо за приглашение встать рядом.

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