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Janosh has gone mad!

This week’s frequency is Abundance. Last week’s frequency was all about (your) Breakthrough. What follows, is creating clarity as to what you wish to receive at the end of this process. I can give you the answer to that: abundance. This is what we all wish to experience. But what does abundance mean to you? We almost always associate abundance with wealth. Abundance in money, luxury, time, possibilities. I think however, that this has nothing to do with abundance. To me, abundance means being free. Free to think, feel and act the way I want to. To feel free to do whatever comes to my mind, regardless of what other people think. Then I live for myself. Then I live in abundance.

When I dig a little deeper, I would like to have abundance in love and pure connection. That is, of course, nicely put, but it is unlike me to leave it at that. Writing this blog sparked an idea. I want to do something out of the box. To allow the feeling of abundance and to share and connect in love. No boring, long stories, but venturing outside the well-worn paths. If I want to create abundance, I have to undertake something or change something to create the space for that which I want to receive.

I shared the idea with the people around me and as the title of the blog predicted, their first reaction was: “have you gone mad?” Yes, I have (which feels great by the way). It made me think of what Saïe, my guide, always tells me: it is better to be crazy, than to become crazy due to all the adjustments you have to make in order to survive.

So I am choosing to do something crazy: I am going to do a marathon in connecting, sharing and exchanging with you. I am going to offer sessions during a 12 hour period. There is a free exchange: I give my love, my gift and my experience to you and you give me what you want to give me. This could be energy, love, money or something to promote my mission – it doesn’t matter. As long as there is an exchange. Let’s share our abundance. I often dream about this and wonder what the world would look like if we would connect with each other this way. If we could all value our own talents by connecting it to our feelings instead of to material things, that would be abundance to me! No worries, no shortages, because when you connect from the heart, everything will be available to you at the right time.

Abundance sessions

Thursday 14 April I am offering (free) sessions via Skype or telephone. This will take place between 12.00 am through to midnight; with a maximum of 10 minutes per person. My question to you (if you want to take advantage of this offer), is for you to be prepared that I will contact you at any moment of the day. The Universe will determine whether it may be so. Every ten minutes I am going to choose a new number and if I can’t reach you, I may or may not try later. This depends on the amount of applications. Please register if you wish to receive a session, in which I am going to connect with you to hand you an insight, with the help of my guide Saïe. You may ask anything you want.

I prefer contact via Skype because the best way I can connect with you is via eye contact. If you are interested, please send an invitation via Skype to abundancewithjanosh before 14 April 2016. If you do not use Skype, or if you prefer a session by phone, send an email to with your name and telephone number (together with your country code please). For your information: the sessions are available in Dutch and English only.

I hope to meet you on Thursday! Let’s choose abundance. Abundance of love and connection.

Heart to heart,

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