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It is going to happen now…

This week’s frequency is Breakthrough. I actually have a sort of love-hate relationship with this “super code”. On the one hand this frequency feels very powerful and inspiring. The word “breakthrough” is associated with great changes. But there is also something that revokes resistance. Having a breakthrough also tells a story about your fear, behaviour and everything that is going on inside of you which is coming to a head. It is the feeling of constantly being on edge until you decide that you’ve had enough. You then just brush it all off and with a primal force that appears out of nowhere you suddenly get everything done. “Why can’t I feel this kind of strength every day?” I wonder. Apparently there is always something that needs to happen before having a breakthrough.

We often have the feeling being close to a breakthrough. You say: “It is going to happen now!” The strange thing is: at just such a moment we tend to take a step back. As if we do not believe we are really on our way to something big. All of a sudden we see objections and we wonder: why is this happening now? It felt as if you almost got there and yet there are still things that hold you back and slow you down. Success, almost within reach, just slipped through your fingers.

No matter how contradictory and unfair it can be, setbacks are necessary to test you. They are projections of your own insecurities, created by your soul. You attract them, purely to show you that you don’t quite have the courage to go for it. It is then important that you stay focused, that you persevere and arouse the feeling like you’ve already had your breakthrough. It is not the moment to start questioning yourself and write everything down in your journal. At this stage, it is all about character. How badly do you want the change you have been waiting for?

Breakthrough invites you to experience “the last (and often longest) mile” as a final check; are you sure this is what you want? Don’t be so hard on yourself. Accept it as part of the process. Gain strength from it and even try to enjoy it, knowing you are getting closer to a turning point. So, every time someone rejects you or disappoints you; every time you fail; every time you are too late or you regret something; every time you don’t say what you want to say or you don’t do what you should do; every time you’re not being taken seriously or when you are annoyed with other people passing you by, repeat these words: “it is just a test”. Keep going, encourage yourself. Remember: success is not the breakthrough. Success is the result. The real breakthrough resides within you. It is the little button you need to find to help you face your fears, to let go of your insecurities and to start doing what you came here for.

This week, connect with the frequency of Breakthrough and with everybody that is in a similar situation to yours. Draw strength and inspiration from it and transform your hesitant “it is going to happen now” into a firmly grounded “it is happening now”.

I wish you a wonderful breakthrough!

Heart to heart,

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