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You are looking for your own truth, but you just can’t get to it. It is just as if you are not digging deep enough to discover the treasures within. When you try to identify where your passion lies, you get caught in a distracting web of thinking patterns.

This prevents you from establishing a deep contact with yourself. Do not be discouraged if you cannot do it straightaway. You cannot reach your true centre by hard work, but by letting go of the barriers. Establish what makes you happy and let that feeling flow over you like a warm shower, without linking it to your present situation.

The frequency of Contact lets you feel that all the doors to your inner Source open up when you surrender, like water in a stream.

Affirmation: I make conscious contact with where I want to go.



Запись медитации и коллективной сонастройки с энергией недели “Контакт” (от 11.07.2022) + медитация “Соединение со своим Высшим Я”.

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