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Beyond. Tina Terner

Nothing lasts forever, nobody lives forever. The Flower dries and dies, the winter passes and spring comes. Embrace the circle of life: That is the greatest love.

Go beyond the fear.

Don’t give in to the insistence of fear, anger and vengeance and thou shall be beyond the fear, where love grows and thrives. To be liberated means to really feel yourself.
Start each day like the birds singing. Singing helps you beyond, far, further, more and more.

We want to let go of our old way of thinking and find and maintain a new way of seeing.

We need regular training, a real training. True and false is limited.

Go beyond!

Prayers create clarity in the mind and bring peace to the soul. Go inside and feel the unity with everything! Sing – singing will take you beyond, far, further, always further.

We are all equal, uniform in finding our way back to the origin, to the one, to unity.

Overcome the vindictiveness. Let us be teachers and students at the same time – what a great moment!

Go inside and feel the Unity with everything. Sing! Singing takes you beyond! Far, further away always further! Continue to grow.

Go on a journey inward so quiet and you’ll hear the Inaudible.

You will become patient and you will receive the unreachable.

So you will open and invite the unexpected and be thankful: The incomprehensible can come to you.

Be present, focus completely in the moment: So you are free from time and space. Start each day like the birds singing. Singing guides you beyond, far, further, more and more
What has LOVE to do with all this? Love grows when you trust. If you trust, love will heal and renew. LOVE inspires and gives us the strength to enlarge. It makes us loving and more lovable persons. LOVE gives us a feeling of security and brings us closer to GOD. If you go beyond all your known surroundings and limitations – you will find true love.

Don’t stop singing – Singing helps you go beyond, far, further, more and more


Наталья Савченко

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