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Work Janosh

Janosh is sharing the energy of the Arcturians in different ways. Please see below a list with explanations:


A hologram is a direct translation of the prevailing energy. It is also called a code, to decipher a particular consciousness in yourself. Each hologram consists of geometric patterns, associated with a meaning. By tuning in and focusing on the centre of the hologram, you make contact with that part in yourself that is connected to this. Read more…

About Janosh

In 2003, when Janosh decided to meditate during the Harmonic Concordance, something unexpected happened. According to astrological calculations a powerful energy was predicted, but Janosh got more than he bargained for. Afterwards suddenly three-dimensional shapes appeared in front him, transparent, in the most wonderful colours. At that time Janosh worked as an advertising designer and he used his skills to recreate these shapes on the computer. And so his first creations, he calls holograms, came into being and were shared via internet.  Read more…