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You make a jump in your personal development. New inspiration and experiences have lifted you to the next level. But then it happens: a relapse. You find yourself in situations that you thought you left behind. It’s almost like all the wonderful progress that you made has vanished. You don’t know yourself anymore, and it seems like everything is against you. And then the old patterns come back. The ones you thought you released because of all the internal work you’ve done. Lasīt vairāk


Lasīt vairāk


Lasīt vairāk


Viss, kas mums nepieciešams dzīvei uz Zemes, ir uz tās radīts pārpilnībā. Mums bieži ir grūti tam noticēt, jo esam pieraduši domāt, vadoties  pēc bailēm par trūkumu. Mēs turamies pie drošības idejas, jo mums ir bail palikt tukšā. Enerģija ir visuresoša un mūžīga. Neierobežo sevi, domājot sīki, jo ar atbilstošu nodomu iespējams ir viss! Tev vienkārši jānotic. Lasīt vairāk


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Lasīt vairāk


You are being prepared for a meeting with your soul relatives. These are people who, in the first instance, seem to have little in common with you, but those with whom you subconsciously have made an appointment. Your meeting is predetermined. It is just a case of the right timing.
Lasīt vairāk


You have taken decisions that you don’t entirely agree with anymore. What felt good begins to become more doubtful. You ask yourself if you are on the right path, even though you cannot exactly describe why you feel this. Listen to this feeling before you take new steps.
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Dzīve nav laika līnija, bet gan radīšana. To veido visas tās daudzās izvēles, ko tu reiz esi izdarījis. Dažas no tām saglabājas, citas ātri zūd; taču tās nepārtraukti mainās gluži tāpat kā tavs dzīves ceļš. Lasīt vairāk

Dziļa Atmošanās

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Learning from your mistakes is absolutely fine, but sometimes it can be too much. You have the idea that you are a victim of your environment. However, nothing happens without reason. Just as there are beautiful moments, there are negative ones too, which you have to go through. There are no peaks without valleys! Lasīt vairāk