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Frequency: Mastership | Mastery

All the fears and phobias that we know can lead back the six primary basic fears: rejection, illness, poverty, solitude, growing older and death. In the recognition and transcending of these fears lies the key to mastership.

Mastership is hidden in acceptation and surrender. It is adapting yourself to what is, opening yourself for what is not and accepting what cannot be changed. In this highest state of consciousness, every desire for control disappears and you make use of everything that life offers you.

Six substantial fears can stop you: fear for criticism, poverty, ageing, illness, lack of love and death. When you can accept these basic fears and surrender to them, nothing can make you fail. You experience yourself as a true master: someone who is fearless and has the ability to bring their personal desires into balance with those in their surroundings.

The frequency of Mastership helps you to let go of control and fearlessly go forward in life.



Благодарю. Мир меня

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