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Coming Home (Arrival)

The search for ourselves is coming to an end. We have already begun the final inner journey, which leads to a feeling of coming home within ourselves. The fight between Good and Bad is fading and is making place for a new consciousness. The road is long and the going is tough.

Whilst earth’s frequencies are increasing we, in the world as we know it, see everything absorbed in chaos and we can feel the side effects increasing. Sometimes it seems as though the influence from the outside world is increasing more and more, but nothing is at it seems. We are in the middle of a deep period of mourning, because we don’t want/wish to let go. To become who you want to be you first have to say goodbye to the person you were. You will only be able to accomplish your search in this way.

The frequency of Coming home (Arrival) helps you to trust in your journey and your coming home to the real you.