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Thoughts are vibrations that turn themselves into manifestation – a simple fact that not everyone knows about. The more specific you visualise your goals, the stronger the energy is that you attach to it. There is no higher mathematics to this; it is the cosmic law of nature that has been around for millions of years. You too can learn this.
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Activation: Transcending

Janosh is in front of the camera again to share latest information about the frequency of this moment, which has everything to do with ‘Transcending’. Now is the time to let go of all controle and just be who you truly are. We will do this through an activation (with visuals and sound). After this, we will go further in this energy flow through a special meditation. It is going to be an extra long broadcast!


Peace is a state of our Being when all what we project come easily. Creating peace inside ourselves the outer world reflects it back. 
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You feel the drive to work towards new ideals and even though inspiration is flowing like a waterfall, you get discouraged when your first efforts don’t seem to pay off. You expected it would all go much faster. You start to wonder if you are on the right track. ‘Can I do this’, or ‘Is this goal set too high?’ You have niggling doubts in the back of your mind and you are back to square one in no time.
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