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Being vulnerable. Show yourself for who you are and what you feel. You don’t often do that because you are so used to protecting yourself. You have learnt lots of ways to present yourself differently from who you actually are, so that people will like you as opposed to them rejecting you. Then you don’t need to judge yourself because you are not the only one. We all have the habit of trying to hide our true identity. But if you want to be different than the rest, then vulnerability if your key.

Put down all the shields and weapons and share your sensitive nature and you will be surprised how much you get in return. Perhaps not everyone will react in the way you hope they will but just know that you are an inspiration for everyone around you, because you show your strongest side. Vulnerability is the power that you can only use if you have courage. So don’t make up unnecessary stories to keep up appearances because that does not help anyone especially you.
The frequency of Vulnerability helps you to deepen the contact with your surroundings and to let go of your protective layer.


Тамара Нефедова

Спасибо, очень вовремя.




Именно сегодня работала с этим ) Сила там , куда больнее всего смотреть. Полная синхронизация!!!!


Благодарю, очень глубоко и всегда вовремя

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