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You experience an inner change with peaks and valleys. Inside you know what you want and what to do to create your own luck. You have learned from your mistakes and discovered the patterns, perhaps even written things down or obtained new insights from books and workshops. Still you feel an imbalance in emotions, as if your feelings refuse to cooperate. This way, the words ‘letting go’ get a heavier meaning.

What you experience is the Ascension process.

You obtain more and more insights which increases your awareness. This process has a wave with periods of intense activity followed by the need for isolation. The more aware you become, the more your desire for a spiritual journey grows – you want to unrafel the mysteries of the universe.

It’s the idea of constantly going on a quest and returning home to recover from it. It is your job to refine this process. If you realize that this is normal, you can easily accept that sometimes you need a little time to get used to your growth. At school you also didn’t learn a book chapter in one reading, right? After every jump, take some time to find your balance again. This way your newly acquired insights will not vanish.

The frequency of Refinement helps you to refine your spiritual growth, which makes it easier to continue the Ascension process.

I’m allowed to enjoy my growing process.



что значит “почувствуете его воздействие”?

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