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Inner wisdom

In our busy lives running from this to that avalanches your inner wisdom. There are stimulations everywhere, we have to live up to expectations and there are many distractions. And before you know it you are being lived by the outside world and you lose sight of yourself. And then you search rationally, and use your ego for answers. Answers like: who am I really, what is the reason for my existence and why am I wandering around on this planet?

This frequency connects you with your inner wisdom, your feminine energy frequency to remember who you are in essence and to rid you from all the beliefs and religion which have been placed on you by society, so that you can come back to your own source.



Благодарю от сердца.


Запись вебинара Яноша “Внутренняя мудрость” на английском языке доступна по ссылке:

Кнопочка “Recording webinar”


Запись медитации и коллективной сонастройки с энергией недели “ВНУТРЕННЯЯ МУДРОСТЬ” на русском языке (от 10.10.2022)

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