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Inner Freedom

Every week we share a frequency with you that accelerates your personal and spiritual growth. It also helps you to make a deep connection with the collective consciousness. We believe in the power of joining as one and the fact that on subconscious level we are all inter-connected. Therefore, align yourself with the Frequency of the Week and feel how you are being carried by the dominant energy of the moment.

INNER FREEDOM – You feel imprisoned. Not free to do or say what you want. In different situations you experience things working against you and this means that everything costs you energy and that the things that you normally enjoy, are becoming more difficult. You don’t understand why this has happened. You only know that it leaves a feeling of frustration in you. It seems as if you can do nothing right and that you constantly have to watch your steps.

Just remember that you cannot find the answer outside of yourself. You can’t give anyone the blame for the battle that you get involved with once again. First of all something needs to change in you. You are the one who can give yourself permission to show yourself in a soft but distinct way. What do you want then? Don’t you want that? Don’t try and be too independent, but be clear. Step out of the role of being the victim and clearly show yourself and what you want.

The frequency of Inner Freedom helps you to be open and honest and to share what you feel and what you need, without having any fear that people will blame you.

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