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10 frequencies to keep you going!

Did you make beautiful plans for 2016 and suspect that it’s going to be difficult to keep going? These frequencies help you to stay on track!

1. Focus
Are you distracted by the noise around you? Use Focus to keep yourself on track. This frequency gives you more grounding, to stop you from becoming imbalanced. If you don’t have the time to look more closely but you want to keep focused? Then use the accompanying Energy Spray. Quick and easy!

2. Desire
Nothing is so strong as having a deep desire for something. If you feel this in every cell, then the chance is great that you will do everything to achieve this. You will move heaven and earth to get what you want, that is how great your desire is. Use the frequency of Desire to activate a deeper level of emotion.

3. Empowerment
Doubts about your ability are normal. Everyone has this every now and gain. But this doesn’t mean that you should react to your doubts. Use Empowerment and keep believing in yourself, even if your dream seems far away.

4. Perseverance
Have you started something, which meant that you had to take a deep breath, then sooner or later you will be tempted to give up. Don’t! It is a waste of the time and effort you have already made! The frequency of Perseverance gives you the power to get through this difficult phase.

5. Inner Voice
Are you in a phase when you find it difficult to make decisions? Then it’s important to differentiate between what comes from your heart and what not. The frequency of Inner Voice enables you to make better contact with your feelings and inner wisdom.

6. Pride
Are you someone who wants to do everything with perfection? There is nothing wrong with that, as long as there is always passion. If you find that you are missing the point and creating endless nitpicking, then stop right away. Look at the process from a distance and then you will see that you are actually doing it perfectly! Pride helps you to keep a positive feeling about yourself and the goal that you are trying to achieve.

7. Patience
An important key in every process of growth is patience. You can’t run before you can walk. Sometimes you have to be satisfied with just taking the next step. Lower the pressure on yourself by letting go of expectations that ar3e too high. The frequency of Patience allows you just to stand still, so that you eventually learn to enjoy every single step that you take.

8. Intention
Have you decided to go somewhere and along the way you begin to doubt your choice, then you should go back to the feeling when you began. Why did you start this? What was the intention? It is important to have clarity before you begin to lose energy on something that doesn’t come from your heart. The frequency of Intention helps you to bring this to the surface. Think about what you want to achieve when you look at the hologram.

9. Power of Action
A good plan is lovely, but something may need changing when you commence. By remaining in the idea phase nothing happens with your intentions. What can help is the frequency of Power of Action. This inspires you to let go of any fears and expand your boundaries and start taking action, so that movement occurs.

10. Creation
No inspiration to carry on? Then attune to Creation and allow the energy to flow. This frequency strengthens your creative powers and opens the upper energy channels of your body, to allow inspiration from the cosmos to enter. In combination with the Energy Spray you also stimulate spiritual experiences.

How do you use these frequencies?

When you see a frequency focus in the middle until the hologram appears to move. In the meantime keep breathing gently and deeply. Close your eyes and remain seated for a few minutes, so that you subconscious can absorb the frequency. Repeat this daily at a specific time and at moment when you feel that you need inspiration.

Tip: download the Janosh App and look at the frequencies any time and anywhere on your smartphone!

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