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Janosh blog: Out of love for yourself

How much longer is this going to last?’ That is the overruling question that I keep picking up at the moment. The lockdown that is there to protect us from all the encompassing effects of the Corona virus, is on an individual level, a little lesson in self-reflection. It forces us to look in the mirror and to make new choices.

Some people are dealing with the effects of this crisis well. They just get on and start something new. Or they use every single minute of the time that they didn’t have before, to work on themselves. Or they begin to fulfil their dream. Something which they have fantasized about for years, suddenly seems to manifest. Others have difficulties that they have to stay at home and fall into fear and insecurity. The question is on which side are you? And how are you coping with the new reality?

What do I really want now?

We are living in such a crazy time. We have all realized that. But how should we deal with this and I see a lot of difference here. Being at home is not really great for everyone. I have been giving a lot of sessions recently and the golden thread through many of the conversations, is all about passiveness. Not knowing what to do with the time that is there (or being confronted by yourself). We are indoors and suddenly don’t seem to have a goal anymore. It is searching for activities, but these are usually only short lasting. There are only a number of jobs in the house, books, puzzles, films and series, before you get the feeling that the walls are closing in on you. At the same time there is also a deep wish in many, because all of a sudden there is time. Finally, there is peace and no distraction. But at the same time, the question still remains: what do I really want to do now?

I see a number of really special things coming from this process. People who deal creatively with this overruling situation and suddenly get amazing new ideas to challenge themselves in another way. Think about restaurants that see all sorts of new possibilities to be able to offer a lot online and in this way finding a new way of creativity. People who anonymously send cards to older people in a rest home. I see communications appear on Facebook, where people with different expertise look for and strengthen one another. People who pass on their knowledge or offer aid to others freely. People who organize games online to feed children and themselves with positivity. There is a lot, and you see it if you are open to it. If you are not in positivity, then you probably don’t even notice.

Where one is at home, the other is more active than even before. The difference is about looking honestly at yourself. Do you choose for fear or love? Fear makes us feel stuck and confines us with the feeling that we are powerless. It means that we are not able to take any steps, whilst love (and especially love for ourselves) elevates us. Love inspires and opens up creativity. It is inviting yourself for a new adventure, that begins with self-investigation and then the question: what do I really want now?

Re-finding yourself again

In times of crisis it is the progressive people that show themselves. They are, more than others, prepared to adjust and to transform their habits. Would they have done that without a Corona crisis? Probably not. But because of the current extreme situation, they have new ideas that they may not have had. In this way, I try to stimulate people during my Skype sessions in their creative powers. Instead of zooming in on the problems that there are, I direct them to something they have received: the possibility to change. This is the time in which the soul can grow considerably. It is time of awakening at a deeper level. Especially now as you have the opportunity to go within and not feel the distraction of others, what your true creative power is.

Where do you begin? I would say: outside the well-worn paths. Sometimes you have to do something completely different to be able to come to a turning point. If you are dependent on a certain type of job that seems as if you are superfluous, then begin something completely different. Your mission is not defined by your status or your profession, but how you deal with whatever chances are offered to you. If this means that you cannot do what you are used to, then look how you can tap into your potential in another way. How can you be of value once more? Finding yourself once more, that it what it is all about.

Look at my own situation, I would shortchange myself if I thought I can only be of value when I am standing on a podium. I am not able to organize events, but that is not stopping me being able to still inspire people. I can also do this online, with a workshop. I can do the same with a webinar. I can do it with a blog, a quote on Facebook, a meditation or a new activation. It is not so much the tools that define me, but more about the intention that is behind it. That defines the outcome. I want to make the world a bit better and connect people from heart to heart – the tools are just the way.

Working together in synergy

After the self-investigation comes the next process and that is synergy. For some things I don’t have all the right knowledge, like building up a website for example. But if you speak from your heart and you are honest about what you want, then there are always people who are willing to help. And then not because they think your plan is so fantastic, but because they resonate with you. They feel drawn to your energy. The art is opening yourself for such a connection and going out of your comfort zone. And you cannot do that with plans, but with passion! In this way you make a soul connection. A joint independence, but with the only goal to have a synergetic cooperation together. Or in other words: elevating one another in a way that would have not been possible on your own.

The only challenge about such a connection is, that it’s scary. You have to make yourself vulnerable. You place your trust in another. But the outcome is almost magical every time. You come up with things that you never could have thought of beforehand. Such a process is extremely inspirational and not forgetting, transforming! You come to a piece of inner freedom, that you actually felt but were not able to activate. In this way you reach a turning point and the doors open up. But in the meantime, keep feeling good, because everything either falls or remains standing, by knowing what you really want and also what gives you energy.

Getting moving

Perhaps you are sitting at home and are completely absorbed in yourself at the moment. Perhaps you find it difficult to dig into your creativity and to be able to think ahead. Just like you, there are more, and I feel for quite some time, that I want to do something about this. Therefore, for those who want to get moving again, create a possibility for themselves and others to get fired up as well…

Next week I am beginning with the 30-Day Kick-Off: a series of online group sessions to, with the right tools and strategies, be able to reach your own personal break through. It is a project where everything I have described in this blog, is included: inspiration, self-investigation and synergy.

The first English group is starting on April 27th. If you are ready from your home, to bring a change, then I invite you to join in too. There is a place for a maximum of 16 participants, so ensure that you are on time. (Read more…)

I wish you a lot of inspiration in these times. Go looking for the truth in yourself and what you really want. Talk about it and allow yourself to be elevated by those who are on the side of love. Because that is where the magic is. It you do something, then don’t do it from fear, but from love for yourself. There is nothing that you have to do. There is no one you have to take into account. This is your moment to recognize yourself and to go and do what you came here to do (if you choose that).

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