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Janosh’s Blog “Keeping in the eye of the storm”

In my last blog I shared information from my guides, the Arcturians, after I had asked the question: ‘What can you tell me about the overruling situation in the world right now?’ Their explanation was more or less, that humanity is in transformation and experiencing all the difficulties of this as well. Terrible inconveniences, that is!

I am sitting on my couch with my laptop on my knee. I am searching through blogs and news sites to read what the situation is on our planet and what people have to say about the situation. I find, the more I click and scroll, that I become more and more worried. And especially the worry because I see more and more conflicting messages. Warnings against encouragements. Sanctions against compensations. Facts against prophecies. And in the reactions from others I pick out the positive ones as opposed to the pessimistic. The real game seems to have begun: and who is right? Who should we follow? Where is the truth and what is deceit?

Back to the cosmic consciousness

Suddenly I feel warmth inside my body. I feel as if I am bring pulled away from the room. I open a document quickly in my laptop, because I know these moments: the communication with the Arcturians begins. I hear myself in my thoughts: the most chilling question: ‘What is this virus doing to us?!’

“From which perspective do you want to have an answer? Or should we say: from which dimension? There is a difference how we feel this in our frequency and how you experience this in your three-dimensional world. Feeling in 3D is particularly physical. Some is ‘true’ because it enters your body. It comes into your cell memory, goes through the filter of your DNA and is, or is not, filed into the brain just like a program. Depending on the nature of the information, this can give positive or negative stimulations. It can be information from this life or from other lives.

You live in a timescale where the DNA is changing. This change is a sort of planned initiation: call it evolution. You are getting your cosmic consciousness back. That makes the body vulnerable for a while. Look at it as a cleansing of your filters, in which your receptive channels allow more within. A process of transfiguration. We would like to explain it as part of changes that are directed to the change in the molecular structure. Your cell memory and DNA are undergoing adaptation. In 3D this is in the form of proteins”.

A magnificent shift

From the 3D perspective, dualistic thinking goes towards the destructive side. Just as if humans, from their thoughts, are searching for drama and negative information. This creates fear and stress. It lowers the immunity and makes a human more vulnerable.

It feels recognizable for me when I read this back, but at the same time technical. I talk a lot about how we need to allow more love into our system, how we can, through self-love, grow unitedly and make a better world. This feels warmer to me, more human. More than talking about DNA filters that adapt themselves. Even though I hear clearly in my thoughts: ‘Keep it accurate’. I am not adapting anything, but just keeping it to the information that I feel …

“From the 3D perspective, dualistic thinking goes towards the destructive side. Just as if humans, from their thoughts, are searching for drama and negative information. This creates fear and stress. It lowers the immunity and makes a human more vulnerable. This is what is happening at the moment in your evolution: the destructive thought, lowers the frequency on Earth and makes each and every one more sensitive for destructive energy, just like now in the form of a virus. Protect yourself against it. Experience what is happening in you and what needs to be healed. Go back to your source. Ensure for less distraction, less escape. Everything is right and is going according to plan. The 3D thinking only has influence on the physical side of the human. Not on the soul. Not on the energetic body.

On the reverse side it does. There is a magnificent shift happening in the 5D frequency. Nothing negative, just a wonderful turning point. This is the moment where nothing will happen to you, but something will be given back. You decide how you interpret it. The return of the cosmic consciousness can bring about an enormous growth process. You will be given access to information that lifts the veils between the deception and the architecture of the reality. Frequencies which will be strengthened from the energetic body are love, compassion, unity and freedom. These frequencies have an influence on the soul but also on the body. You are creating a natural protection for the changes in your body, your DNA and cell memory, in which a deep healing with take place”.

For the final part of my communication with my friends, I want to tell you that you have to keep feeling. Check your body. Feel what is happening when you read the words. I do this myself by attuning to someone I love very much. When I allow love within myself, I feel my energy rising and I am able to use my ‘inner compass’ in a better way. If I am in my mind, then I want facts, confirmation and a feeling of security.

That is why I keep checking myself: do I feel love here? Does it feel like recognition? Is there something being activated in me, as a sort of feeling of waking up? And the most important: does this information give me feelings of trust? You can do this with everything that you read, hear or experience. Especially now, during this crisis, it is even more important to form your opinion from love and not fear. For the time being to the final part in which, the Acturians say more or less the same:

“Have faith. Raise your frequency from within. Choose for love instead of fear. Realize that you are sitting in a body: a vulnerable vehicle that has to be protected and cherished. It is time for the Trinity. Body, soul and mind united. We put the soul in the middle, because that is the connection between the body and the mind. Take care of your body and give it the best care. Listen to it, because it can think for itself and tells you exactly what it needs. Connect with your mind to things that feed you, which give you energy, that connects and gives you love and trust. This combination makes you immune to everything. It is this Trinity, the balance between your physical side and your energetic side, in combination with your cosmic consciousness, that frees you from destructive influences. Physically in the form of viruses and bacteria. Spiritually in the form of manipulation and contempt. In the soul damage from your chosen blueprint. This is a huge challenge for humanity and at the same time the shift to the Fifth Dimension. How long this process will last depends on the turning point of the critical masses. But the first change and challenge begin with each individual.

What do you choose, fear or love?”

Let’s connect in a worldwide connection to raise our frequency.

We no longer have any control over this process. Do not go looking anymore for things you need to learn or which you have to achieve. There is a path ready for you, otherwise you were not here, at this crucial point of our evolution. Your soul chose to be here at this exact moment! Let’s celebrate together that on the 21st December a new time is going to occur. It is time to divide the roles once more. Time to focus on repositioning the material towards soul connection and consciousness. Time to remember who you are and what you really came here to do. It is time for your turning point, your breakthrough… your memory of the Source.

Looking forward to seeing you, live in the webinar on the 21st December 2021.

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Looking forward to connect with you where we connect in a worldwide connection to raise our frequency. Enroll for free through this link.



Благодарю от сердца! Желаю любви Земле, Природе, Всей Вселенной!
“Мне очень жаль,
Пожалуйста прости меня,
Я люблю тебя,
Я благодарю тебя!” Мир меня!

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